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Essential Flash Modifiers

The MagMod Starter Flash Kit 2 includes the two most essential modifiers for the MagMod system. This kit features the MagGrid 2 grid and MagSphere 2 dome, plus the MagGrip 2 adapter. The adapter is designed for round-head flashes and is also suitable for standard ones. It secures over your flash head and provides a magnetic base for quickly swapping in the other two modifiers.

MagMod MagGrip 2

The MagGrip 2 is the adapter that's used to attach many of the MagMod modifiers to hot shoe flashes. Made of silicone rubber, it stretches and secures over the flash head and provides a magnetic based for attaching modifiers such as the MagGrid, MagBounce, and many others. This v2 version is especially designed for round-head flashes but is suitable for standard ones as well. It's more oval than the original version in order to better fit round-head flashes. It's also a bit more compact. The built-in magnets offer strong magnetic attachment points and allow you to swap modifiers on the fly. The silicone rubber material retains 99% of its elasticity over time, even after long, repeated use.

MagMod MagGrid 2

The MagMod MagGrid 2 is a honeycomb grid compatible with most hot-shoe flashes. It changes the beam angle of your flash to a more concentrated 40°, and it eliminates unwanted light spill, allowing you to capture cleaner and more consistent images. Multiple units can be stacked together to further tighten the beam angle. You can also stack a MagGrid 2 with a MagSphere 2 to get both diffused and pinpoint-controlled light. The MagGrid 2 is made of silicone rubber, and this ensures that the grid cells will be less prone to chips and cracks.

The MagGrid 2 requires a MagGrip or MagGrip 2 accessory, sold separately, in order to attach to the flash. The optional MagGrip, made of silicone, stretches to secure over the flash head, and this grid then magnetically attaches to the MagGrip. The optional MagGrip 2 has a round design optimized for round head flashes but fits standard-style flashes as well.

An optional MagGrip or MagGrip 2 is required in order to attach to your compatible flash.

MagMod MagSphere 2

The MagMod MagSphere 2 is designed to attach to your hot shoe flash magnetically via an optional MagGrip 2 adapter. It shapes your flash into a soft, omni-directional bare-bulb light source that works as an on-camera diffuser or small bounce card. This v2 release of the MagSphere is 40% lighter than the original version and allows for more efficient use.

The required MagGrip 2 adapter is especially optimized for round-head flashes but is compatible with standard ones as well. The adapter stretches and secures over the flash head, and provides a magnetic base for quickly attaching and removing the MagSphere on the fly. The MagSphere 2 is made from durable silicone that retains 99% of its elasticity over time, even after long, repeated use.

Modifier Type Grid
Attachment Method Magnetic
Dimensions H: 7.6 x W: 1.3 x L: 10.2 cm
Weight 0.049 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • MagMod MagGrip 2
  • MagMod MagGrid 2
  • MagMod MagSphere 2

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12month Australian warranty

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