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Precise Light Control

Featuring a distinctive tulip cup design, the deep canopy of this softbox is a standout feature, offering unparalleled control over light direction and diffusion. Crafted to refine the illumination in your photography or videography projects, this unique shape enables precise positioning of the light stream for optimal results. With its deep canopy, the softbox softens the light effectively, producing a gentle and flattering illumination ideal for various shooting scenarios. Whether you're capturing portraits, product shots, or other visuals, this tulip cup softbox ensures that you can sculpt the light to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Item Type
25.6" Parabolic Softbox (16-Sided Hexadecagon Shape)
Interior Colour
Light Compatibility
Includes Speed Ring with Godox Mount
Quick Open Type
Umbrella Style
Accepts Grids
Yes (Included)
Removable Front Face
Interior Baffle
Yes, Removable
ø: 65 cm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

  • Godox Parabolic Silver Octa Umbrella Softbox 65cm


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