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The Benro GH2 Gimbal is a tripod head designed for stable and smooth control of heavy photographic equipment and cameras with long telephoto lenses, offering better freedom of movement than a standard tripod head. The gimbal head allows positioning and balancing the camera and the lens at the centre of gravity for effortless manipulation of the camera along all axes. The unique design ensures the camera and lens remains balanced even when the head is loosened.

Vertical and Lateral Camera Positioning

The gimbal offers fast and smooth flexibility of movement along the vertical and horizontal axis allowing you to pan the camera a full 360° and almost 180° along the vertical axis. From a front facing horizontal position, the lens can be tilted to point completely upwards or fully downwards making it ideal to track unpredictably moving subjects

Height Adjustable Cradle

To determine the right pivot point where the camera and lens set-up would be precisely balanced, the height of the base plate can be adjusted. A locking lever allows securing the base plate firmly on the slider mechanism, once balance has been achieved. Scaled etching on the slider ensures a quick reference guide for easier subsequent balancing.

Base Plate with Locking Mechanism

For securing the heavy and expensive equipment, the mounting plate features a pull and twist safety lock system eliminating any possibility of accidental camera slip-out. The quick release plate can be removed only after the knob is pulled and twisted.

Extra Long Quick Release Plate

A Arca-Swiss compatible Quick Release Plate specially designed for mounting long lenses is included to facilitate easy and fast mounting and dismounting of your camera set up. The 100mm length of the PL100 plate and a slide-in design permits back and forth movement for fine-tuning camera balance.

Friction Control

Both the pan and tilt movement can be adjusted and locked independently through easy-to-grip large rubberised knobs. Locking the lens allows carrying the tripod with the entire set-up or for changing the camera body. The gimbal sits on a 56mm pan base with a 360° panoramic scale for easy adjustment and repeatable pans.

Build Quality

The single arm gimbal is fabricated with high quality aluminium and is designed to comfortably support pro DSLRs with heavy and long telephoto lenses right up to 800mm and weighing up to 23kgs.

Providing fluid movement for easily tracking fast and unpredictably moving subjects while keeping the camera and the heavy telephoto lens steady, makes the Benro GH2 Gimbal Head ideal for shooting action, sports or wildlife photography and is particularly suitable for capturing flying objects and birds.

GH2 Gimbal Head


Aluminium Alloy


Matt Black



Dimensions (LxBxH)

242 x 89 x 241mm

Base Diameter


Max. Load Capacity


Base Screw Diameter


QR Compatibility

Arca-Swiss Standard

PL-100 QR Plate


Aluminium Alloy


Matt Black







Mounting Screw Diameter


QR Compatibility

Arca-Swiss Standard

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Benro GH2 Gimbal Head
  • PL-100 Quick Release Plate


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.