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Cleaning & Maintenance:

The VisibleDust EZ Sensor Clean Kit Dualpower-X 24mm comes with two sensor cleaning liquids and 5 sensor cleaning swabs, creating the perfect at-home solution to maintaining the optical clarity of your Full Frame camera sensor.

Sensor Clean Liquid

The EZ Sensor Clean Kit is great for removing water based stains and small dust particles that may contaminate your camera sensor while swapping lenses. Its dust repellent and anti-fogging properties help you clean the sensor more effectively while protecting it from fresh dust particles during the cleaning process.

VDust Plus Cleaning Liquid

The VDust Plus cleaning liquid is alcohol based solution which evaporates quickly without leaving any residue behind. It is very effective in cleaning oil stains without leaving a smear on the sensor.

5x Green Vswabs

The Vswabs are unique size specific swabs for cleaning camera sensors. 1.0x swabs feature a 24mm size that is ideal for Full Frame 35mm sensors.

Exact size of the swab cleans the entire area of the sensor evenly with less number of sweeps. Patented mini channels with contours in the Green Vswabs absorb the excess cleaning fluid and keep it evenly moistened to ensure consistency across the sensor surface.

Sensor Clean Liquid


VDust Plus Cleaning Liquid




Green Vswabs Size

16mm (1.6x)
24mm (1.0x)

Number of Vswabs


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

  • 5 x Green Vswabs
  • 1.15ml Bottle of VDust Plus Cleaning Liquid
  • 1.15ml Bottle of Sensor Clean Cleaning Liquid
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