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The Panasonic Lumix G85 Vlogging Kit includes everything you need to create a professional high-quality videography setup. It includes a Panasonic Lumix G85 Mirrorless camera that can capture 4K video with a Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens, which is a standard zoom lens that provides a 24-120mm equivalent focal length range as well as the AriMic Lavalier Lapel microphone to provide an excellent audio solution for recording audio for interviews, presentations and vlogging.

The Panasonic Lumix G85 Vlogging Kit also comes with incredibly compact and versatile, the Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod which can support up to 4kg, as well as the Jupio PowerLED 150A video light for studio or on-location applications.

Panasonic Lumix G85 + 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens

Panasonic Lumix G85 is a versatile Micro Four Thirds camera designed for both video and stills shooters. The Lumix DMC-G85 delivers quick performance, flexible photo capabilities, and UHD 4K video recording.

It employs a 16MP MOS sensor with a sensitivity range from ISO 200-25600 to suit working in a variety of lighting conditions. It also delivers quick shooting speeds up to 10 fps with single-shot autofocus, or 6 fps with continuous autofocus, as well as up to 40 fps when using an electronic shutter function and 30 fps at 8MP with 4K PHOTO Modes.

The Camera features a 5-axis sensor-shift image stabilization that can be used to dramatically minimise the appearance of camera shake and works perfectly with the selected lens' image stabilisation systems for Dual I.S.

Included with the camera body is the Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 ASPH. POWER O.I.S., which is a standard zoom lens that provides a 24-120mm equivalent focal length range. It features three aspherical elements and one extra-low dispersion element to minimise both spherical and chromatic aberrations throughout the zoom range. POWER O.I.S. also works in conjunction with the camera's sensor-shift IS for more effective shake reduction.

Additional Features:
The G85 also has a whole bunch more features packed inside its portable lightweight body.

All-Weather Design
Protected against splashes and dust the G85 introduces weather sealing at long last to the series. With a magnesium alloy full diecast frame, the camera can offer protection from the elements making it perfectly suited for outdoor shooting. When combined with a weather-sealed lens the whole system becomes completely protected so you can shoot confidently in tough conditions.

New Shutter Mechanism
Introducing an updated shutter which is electromagnetically driven means the camera boasts significantly reduced shot vibration when taking pictures, perfect for landscapes photography to reduce any shake. The new shutter electronic first-curtain shutter can be used for shooting up to 1/2000 to reduce wear and tear even more.

Next Generation 4K Functionality
The G85 shoots 4K video at a resolution equal to 4 times that of HD video enabling you to capture sharp footage at the highest quality. It also has 4K Photo, which you take advantage of the high resolution to open up a world of new photographic opportunities. The camera films at 24/25/ or 30p with an impressive 100Mbps data rate.

Great Tracking Ability
With 49 autofocus points, the G85 can accurately track moving subjects with ease and grants you the freedom to choose exactly where in the frame the camera focuses. The advanced focus tracking ability analyses the colour, size, and motion vector of moving objects for consistently sharp results.

Low Light and Starlight AF
To help you take shots in darker lighting situations the G85 has been tweaked to be able to autofocus at -4EV, super convenient for long exposure street photography and darker conditions. It also features starlight AF for capturing subjects such as stars in the sky at night, a notoriously tricky subject for autofocus systems.

2.36 Million Dot EVF & 3-inch LCD Touchscreen
Composition and playback are available via a 2360k-dot OLED electronic viewfinder that has an increased magnification of 0.74x (35mm equivalent) or a 3-inch 1040k-dot tilt/swivels Touchscreen LCD. The 10,000:1 contrast and less than 0.01 second lag of the EVF delivers pixel-perfect composition across a broad range of lighting scenarios, while the generously sized flip-out LCD is ideal for high and low angle shooting. The viewfinder also has a new power-saving mode to increase the battery life twice over to ensure longer-lasting performance.

Designed for Videographers
Panasonic has included a 3.5mm audio jack to ensure that adding an external microphone to the G85 will be straightforward and pain-free. They have also enhanced the micro-HDMI port to be capable of providing a real-time image output to an external monitor in 4:2:2 at 8-Bit, while at the same time recording onto the SD card.

AriMic Lavalier Lapel Microphone

The AriMic Lavalier Lapel microphone is designed to provide a discreet audio solution for recording audio for interviews, presentations and vlogging. The quality audio is perfect for situations when the built-in mic of your phone or camera just doesn’t cut it.

Omnidirectional Audio Pickup
Ideal for interviews and vocal recording the microphone has an omnidirectional pickup pattern, which means that it doesn’t have to be pointed directly at your sound source to pick it up. This makes mounting and hiding the clip-on mic much easier without sacrificing audio quality.

Perfect for Indoors and Outdoors
With a removable furry windshield, the microphone can be used both inside as well outside in the great outdoors. It also includes a smaller wind protector that is perfect for use in less windy conditions.

Vlog Ready
The Ari Mic Lavalier Lapel Microphone is perfect for bloggers and videographers who want to improve the audio quality in their video productions. It includes an adaptor that switches the output of the mic from the TRRS plug to a TRS plug that is designed to work with DSLR or Mirrorless cameras.

Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod

Incredibly compact and versatile, the Sirui 3T-35K Table-Top Tripod comes with a ball head and can support up to 4kg despite its small size. This makes it perfect for compact, action, and mirrorless cameras with attached accessories. The ball head features an Arca-Swiss quick release plate for fast camera attachment and a single locking knob for easy use. The 35K is truly versatile support, operating as a standard tripod, a handgrip, or selfie-pole thanks to the removable 2-stage centre column. The perfect travel companion and accessory for day-trippers, vloggers, and digital content creators, this tiny tripod can go with you anywhere.

Supports 4kg of Gear
Amazingly compact, the Sirui 3T-35K is surprisingly tough, able to support an impressive 4kg, giving you plenty of options to mount compact, action, and mirrorless cameras. The tough, aluminium design is lightweight at only 430g making it portable and easy to pack and take anywhere.

Tough Ball Head with Quick Release Plate
The ball head features an Arca-Type quick release plate that makes it easy to mount and detach your camera, with a separate knob to secure the plate in place. A single larger knob controls the pan and tilt movements, allowing you to switch from portrait to landscape orientation fast.

Ultra-Compact Design with 2-Stage Centre Column
Designed as a table-top tripod, the Sirui 35K has a maximum height of 34cm thanks to the extension of its 2-section centre column. If you’re after compact support, the centre column can be removed entirely, putting the ball head directly atop the legs for a height of 11.4cm.

Versatile Support Options
With several ways to use the Sirui 3T35K isn’t just a tripod. Fold the legs up toward the head and extend the centre column to use it as a selfie-stick or remove the centre column to form a shorthand grip for video recording. Extremely versatile and convenient, the 3T-35k is a must-have accessory.

Jupio PowerLED 150 LED Light with Built-in Battery

The Jupio PowerLED 150A is perfect for vloggers, and event videographers and portrait photographers. It features a built-in battery and uses an array of 150 powerful LED bulbs to deliver a bright output of 1350 Lux/0.5m.

Adjustable Brightness
The LED video light features a dimmer switch equipping you with the ability to dial the brightness up or down according to your exposure requirements or required effect. Its broad range of adjustability between 7% and 100% ensures you’re able to fine-tune exposure control with maximum accuracy.

Suits Videographer and Photographers
If you’re shooting events or weddings it can be used in dimly lit environments to obtain the correct exposure without having to resort to high ISO settings and noisy footage. For photographers, it works as a great fill light, filling in the shadow areas to give your images more overall detail and pop.

Includes Two Light Filters
An orange warming filter is included to enable you to change the colour temperature to match your ambient lighting, or to create colour effects. A diffusion filter is also included making it ideal for scenarios such as vlogging. The diffusion panel softens the quality of the light, making it less harsh on the eyes while delivering a more natural feel.

Includes Cold Shoe Mount
The included cold shoe mount makes it easy to attach the light directly to your camera. A 1/4-inch thread at the base of the light adds versatility, enabling you to position it on a tripod, light stand or boom pole to satisfy your specific lighting requirements.

Powered by Internal 4200mAh Battery
The Jupio PowerLED 150 (JPL150A) is powered by an internal 4200mAh battery. Rechargeable by an included micro USB cable, it delivers approximately 2 hours runtime, perfect for short interviews and photography effects. A LED power indicator on the back panel allows you to monitor the battery levels to ensure you know when it’s due for a charge.



Digital Single Lens Mirrorless camera

Recording media

SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card, SDXC Memory Card

Recording media

(Compatible with UHS-I / UHS-II UHS Speed Class 3 standard SDHC / SDXC Memory Cards)

Image sensor size

17.3 x 13.0 mm (in 4:3 aspect ratio)

Lens mount

Micro Four Thirds mount



Live MOS Sensor

Total pixels

16.84 megapixels

Camera effective pixels

16.00 megapixels

Color filter

Primary color filter

Dust reduction system

Supersonic wave filter

Image Stabilization System

Image sensor shift type (5-axis / 5-stop), Dual I.S. (Dual I.S. 2 compatible)


Recording file format

Still image

JPEG (DCF, Exif 2.3), RAW, MPO (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Thirds system standard)

Motion picture

AVCHD (Audio format: Dolby Digital 2ch), MP4 (Audio format: AAC 2ch)

Aspect ratio

4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1

Image quality

RAW, RAW+Fine, RAW+Standard, Fine, Standard

Image quality

MPO+Fine / MPO+Standard (with 3D lens in Micro Four Thirds system standard)

Color Space

sRGB, AdobeRGB

File size(Pixels)

Still Image

[4:3] 4592x3448(L) / 3232x2424(M) / 2272x1704(S) / 1824x1368 (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third system standard)

Still Image

[3:2] 4592x3064(L) / 3232x2160(M) / 2272x1520(S) / 1824x1216 (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third system standard)

Still Image

[16:9] 4592x2584(L) / 3840x2160(M) / 1920x1080(S) / 1824x1024 (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third system standard)

Still Image

[1:1] 3424x3424(L) / 2416x2416(M) / 1712x1712(S) / 1712x1712 (When attaching 3D lens in Micro Four Third system standard)

Motion picture*


[4K] 3840x2160:4K/30p 100Mbps, 4K/25p: 100Mbps, 4K/24p 100Mbps


[Full HD] 1920x1080 FHD/50p: 28Mbps, 50p recording


[Full HD] 1920x1080:FHD/60p 28Mbps, FHD/50p: 28Mbps, FHD/30p 20Mbps, FHD/25p: 20Mbps


[HD] 1280x720:HD/30p 10Mbps, HD/25p: 10Mbps


[Full HD] 1920x1080 FHD/50i: 17Mbps, 50i recording


[Full HD] 1920x1080 FHD/25p: 24Mbps, 50i recording (sensor output is 25fps)


[Full HD] 1920x1080 FHD/24p: 24Mbps, 24p recording

Continuous recordable time (Motion picture)

AVCHD [FHD/50i]: Approx. 120 min with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060 / H-FS14140

Continuous recordable time (Motion picture)

MP4 [4K/30p, 4K/25p]: Approx. 90 min with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060 / H-FS14140

Actual recordable time (Motion picture)

AVCHD [FHD/50i]: Approx. 60 min with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060 / H-FS14140

Actual recordable time (Motion picture)

MP4 [4K/30p, 4K/25p]: Approx. 45 min with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060 / H-FS14140



IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2412 MHz - 2462 MHz (1-11 ch), Wi-Fi / WPA / WPA2, Infrastructure mode



QR Code Connection


Password-less connection

Yes (ON / OFF selectable)



OLED Live View Finder (2,360k dots)

Field of view

Approx. 100%


Approx. 1.48x / 0.74x (35mm camera equivalent) with 50 mm lens at infinity; -1.0 m-1

Eye point

Approx. 20 mm from eyepiece lens

Diopter adjustment

-4.0 - +4.0 (dpt)

Eye sensor


Eye sensor adjustment

High / Low



Contrast AF system

DFD technology


Post Focus


Focus Stacking


Focus mode

AFS (Single) / AFF (Flexible) / AFC (Continuous) / MF

AF mode

Face/Eye Detection / Tracking / 49-Area / Custom Multi / 1-Area / Pinpoint

AF mode

(Full area touch is available)

AF detective range

EV -4 - 18 (ISO100 equivalent)

Starlight AF


AF assist lamp


AF lock

Yes (AF/AE LOCK button)


One Shot AF, Shutter AF, Half Press Release, Quick AF, AF Sensitivity, Continuous AF (during motion picture recording), Eye Sensor AF, AF+MF, MF Assist, Touch MF Assist, Focus Peaking, Touch AF/AE Function, Touch Pad AF, Touch Shutter


Light metering system

1728-zone multi-pattern sensing system

Light metering mode

Multiple / Center Weighted / Spot

Metering range

EV 0 - 18 (F2.0 lens, ISO100 equivalent)

Exposure mode

Program AE, Aperture Priority AE, Shutter Priority AE, Manual

ISO sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity)

Auto / Intelligent ISO / 100 (Extended) / 200 / 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 / 6400 / 12800 / 25600 (Changeable to 1/3 EV step)

ISO sensitivity (Standard Output Sensitivity)

(Up to ISO6400 in motion picture recording) (ISO Auto in M mode)

Exposure compensation

1/3 EV step ±5EV (±3EV for motion picture)

AE lock

Yes (AF/AE LOCK button)


White balance

Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Shade / Incandescent / Flash / White Set 1, 2, 3, 4 / Color temperature setting

White balance adjustment

Blue/Amber bias, Magenta/Green bias

Color temperature setting

2500 - 10000K in 100K



Focal-plane shutter

Shutter speed

Still image: Bulb (Max. 2 minutes), 1/4,000 - 60

Shutter speed

Motion picture: 1/16,000 - 1/25

Shutter speed

Electronic shutter: 1/16,000 - 1

Shutter speed

Electronic first curtain shutter: 1/2,000 - 60

Self timer

10sec, 3 images / 2sec / 10sec

Remote control

Remote control with Bulb function by DMW-RSL1 (Optional)


AE bracket

3, 5, 7 images in 1/3, 2/3 or 1 EV step, max. ±3 EV, single/burst

Aperture Bracket

3, 5 or all positions in 1 EV step

Focus Bracket

1 to 999 images, focus steps can be set in 5 levels

White balance bracket

3 exposures in blue/amber axis or in magenta/green axis


Panorama shot

Yes (Standard / Wide)


Burst speed

[Mechanical shutter] AFS: H: 9 frames/sec, M: 6 frames/sec (with Live View), L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)

Burst speed

[Mechanical shutter] AFC: H: 6 frames/sec, M: 6 frames/sec (with Live View), L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)

Burst speed

[Electronic shutter] SH: 40 frames/sec

Burst speed

[Electronic shutter] AFS: H: 10 frames/sec, M: 6 frames/sec (with Live View), L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)

Burst speed

[Electronic shutter] AFC: H: 6 frames/sec, M: 6 frames/sec (with Live View), L: 2 frames/sec (with Live View)

Number of recordable images

More than 45 images (when there are RAW files with the particular speed)

Number of recordable images

More than 300 images (when there are no RAW files)

Number of recordable images

(Depending on memory card type, aspect, picture size and compression)


4K Photo mode*

4K Burst: 30 frames/sec

4K Photo mode*

4K Burst (S/S): 30 frames/sec

4K Photo mode*

4K Pre-Burst: 30 frames/sec, approx. 2 seconds

4K Photo mode*

(Depending on memory card size and battery power)

Exif information


Marking function

Yes (in 4K Burst (S/S) mode)

Loop rec function

Yes (in 4K Burst (S/S) mode)






Flash type

TTL Built-in-Flash, GN9.0 equivalent (ISO200 ·m) / GN6.2 equivalent (ISO100 ·m), Built-in Pop-up (Reference)

Flash Mode

Auto*, Auto/Red-eye Reduction*, Forced On, Forced On/Red-eye Reduction, Slow Sync., Slow Sync./Red-eye Reduction, Forced Off * For iA, iA+ only.

Synchronization speed

Less than 1/160 second

Flash output adjustment

1/3EV step ±3EV

Flash synchronization

1st Curtain Sync., 2nd Curtain Sync.

Synchronization for flash dimming and exposure compensation


Wireless control

Yes (When using DMW-FL200L / FL360L / FL580L (Optional))





TFT LCD monitor with static touch control

Monitor size

Free-angle 3.0-inch (7.5cm) / 3:2 aspect / Wide viewing angle


Approx. 1,040k dots

Filed of view

Approx. 100%

Monitor adjustment

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Red-Green, Blue-Yellow


Digital zoom

2x, 4x

Extra Tele Conversion

Still image: Max. 2x

Extra Tele Conversion

Motion picture: 2.4x (FHD), 3.6x (HD)

Other functions

Level Gauge, Real-time Histogram, Guide Lines (3 patterns), Highlight display (Still image / motion picture), Zebra Pattern (Still image / motion picture)


Direction Detection Function



Fn1, Fn2, Fn3, Fn4, Fn5, Fn6, Fn7, Fn8, Fn9, Fn10

Exposure Comp. / Wi-Fi / Q.MENU / LVF/Monitor Switch / LVF/Monitor Disp. Style / AF/AE LOCK / AF-ON / Preview / One Push AE / Touch AE / Level Gauge / Focus Area Set / Zoom Control / Cursor Button Lock / Dial Operation Switch / Photo Style / Filter Select / Aspect Ratio / Picture Size / Quality / AFS/AFF / Metering Mode / Burst Rate / 4K Photo / Self Timer / Bracket / Highlight Shadow / i. Dynamic / i. Resolution / HDR / Shutter Type / Flash Mode / Flash Adjust. / Wireless Setup (Flash) / Ex. Tele Conv. / Digital Zoom / Stabilizer Sensitivity / White Balance / AF Mode / 4K Live Crop / Snap Movie / Motion Pic. Set / Picture Mode / Mic. Directivity Adjust / Silent Mode / Peaking / Histogram / Guide Line / Zebra Pattern / Monochrome Live View / Rec Area / Step Zoom / Zoom Speed / Touch Screen / Restore to Default


Still image and motion picture

Standard / Vivid / Natural / Monochrome / L. Monochrome / Scenery / Portrait / Custom / Cinelike D* / Cinelike V* *When Creative Video Mode is selected.


Still image

Expressive / Retro / Old Days / High Key / Low Key / Sepia / Monochrome / Dynamic Monochrome / Rough Monochrome / Silky Monochrome / Impressive Art / High Dynamic / Cross Process / Toy Effect / Toy Pop / Bleach Bypass / Miniature Effect / Soft Focus / Fantasy / Star Filter / One Point Color / Sunshine

Motion picture

Expressive / Retro / Old Days / High Key / Low Key / Sepia / Monochrome / Dynamic Monochrome / Impressive Art / High Dynamic / Cross Process / Toy Effect / Toy Pop / Bleach Bypass / Miniature Effect / Fantasy / One Point Color


Exposure mode

Program AE / Aperture-Priority / Sutter-Priority / Manual Exposure


Cinelike gamma

Cinelike D / Cinelike V

Flicker reduction

[1/50] / [1/60] / [1/100] / [1/120] / OFF


Playback function

30-thumbnail display, 12-thumbnail display, Calendar display, Zoomed playback (Max. 16x), Slideshow (All / Picture Only / Video Only / 4K PHOTO / Post Focus / 3D / Category Selection / Favorite, duration & effect is selectable), Playback Mode (Normal / Picture Only / Video Only / 4K PHOTO / Post Focus / 3D Play / Category / Favorite), Location Logging, RAW Processing, 4K PHOTO Bulk Saving, Light Composition, Clear Retouch, Title Edit, Text Stamp, Video Divide, Time Lapse Video, Stop Motion Video, Resize, Cropping, Rotate, Rotation Display, Favorite, DPOF Print Set, Protect, Face Recognition Edit, Picture Sort, Creating Still Pictures from a Motion Picture



Single / Multi


Single / Multi / All / Except Favorite


Direct Print

PictBridge compatible



USB 2.0 Micro-B


microHDMI TypeD / VIERA Link


Video: Auto / 4K / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 576p


Audio: Stereo


Monitor-through: 4:2:2/8-bit (While recording motion picture on the SD memory card in the camera unit.)

Audio video output


Remote input

f2.5mm for remote

External microphone input

f3.5mm for external microphone

External microphone input

Stereo/Lens Auto/Shotgun/Super Shotgun/Manual is selectable when attaching DMW-MS2 (optional).


Stereo, Wind-cut: OFF / Standard / High




OSD language

Japanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)




Li-ion Battery Pack (7.2V, 1200mAh, 8.7Wh) (included)

Battery life (CIPA standard)

Approx. 330 images (rear monitor), 320 images (LVF) with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060

Battery life (CIPA standard)

Approx. 320 images (rear monitor), 310 images (LVF) with H-FS14140

Battery life (CIPA standard)

Power Save LVF Shooting mode: Approx. 800 images* with H-FS1442A / H-FS12060 / H-FS14140

Battery life (CIPA standard)

* Under the test conditions specified by Panasonic based on CIPA standard. When the time to get in the sleep mode is set to 3 sec.

Battery grip

DMW-BGG1 (optional)


Dimensions (W x H x D)

128.4 x 89 x 74.3 mm / 5.06 x 3.50 x 2.93 inch (excluding protrusions)


Approx. 505g / 1.11 lb (SD card, Battery, Body)


Approx. 453g / 1.00 lb (Body only)


Approx. 615g / 1.36 lb (SD card, Battery, H-FS1442A lens included)


Approx. 715g / 1.58 lb (SD card, Battery, H-FS12060 lens included)


Approx. 770g / 1.70 lb (SD card, Battery, H-FS14140 lens included)


Operating temperature

0oC to 40oC (32oF to 104oF)

Operating humidity

10%RH to 80%RH



· The software to edit and playback images on computer is not bundled with DMC-G85. To do this, PHOTOfunSTUDIO is available for download at Panasonic website using computer connected to the Internet. (For Windows) · The software to process RAW file on computer is not bundled with DMC-G85. To do this, SILKYPIX Developer Studio is available for download at Ichikawa Soft Laboratory's website using computer connected to the Internet. (For Windows / Mac)

Standard accessories

DMC-G85M Kit

Standard accessories

·The DMC-G85 Operating Instructions for advanced features is available for downloaded at Panasonic LUMIX Customer Support Site using PC, smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet.


* About motion picture recording / 4K PHOTO recording - Use a card with SD Speed Class with "Class 4" or higher when recording motion pictures. - Use a card with SD Speed Class with "UHS-I / UHS-II UHS Speed Class 3 (U3)" when recording motion pictures with [MP4] in [4K] or [4K PHOTO]. (SD speed class is the speed standard regarding continuous writing.) - MP4 motion pictures with [MP4] in [4K]: - When using an SDHC memory card: You can continue recording without interruption even if the file size exceeds 4 GB, but the motion picture file will be divided and recorded/played back separately. - When using an SDXC memory card: You can continue recording without interruption even if the file size exceeds 96 GB or 3 hours 4 minutes in length, but the motion picture file will be divided and recorded/played back separately. - MP4 motion pictures with [MP4] in [FHD] [HD]: - You can continue recording without interruption even if the file size exceeds 4 GB or 30 minutes in length, but the motion picture file will be divided and recorded/played back separately. - When the ambient temperature is high or continuous recording is performed, the camera may stop the recording to protect itself. Wait until the camera cools down. ** For [4K] video output, use an HDMI cable that has the HDMI logo on it, and that is described as"4K compatible".


Panasonic Lumix G Vario 12-60mm F3.5 - 5.6 ASPH Power OIS Lens

Lens Construction

11 elements in 9 groups (3 aspherical, 1 ED)

Camera Mount

Micro Four Thirds mount

Optical Image Stabilizer

Yes (Power OIS)

Auto Focus


Zoom System


Drive / Motor

Inner Focus / Linear Motor

Focal Length

12-60mm (35mm camera equivalent 24-120mm)

Aperture Type

7 diaphragm blades / Circular aperture diaphragm

Maximum Aperture

F3.5 (Wide) - F5.6 (Tele)

Minimum Aperture


Closest Focusing Distance

0.20m (Wide), 0.25m (Tele)

Maximum magnification

Approx. 0.27x / 0.54x (35mm camera equivalent)

Diagonal Angle of View

84.05°(Wide) to 20.44°(Tele)

Filter Thread


Max. Diameter


Overall Length

Approx. 71mm (from the tip of the lens to the base side of the lens mount)


Approx. 210g (excluding lens cap, lens rear cap and lens hood)

Other features

Weather sealed - splash and dust resistant

Dual IS Compatible

240 fps AF Drive



Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod



Load Capacity

4 kg

Maximum Height

34.1 cm

Minimum Height

11.4 cm

Folded Length

24.2 cm

Leg Sections


Camera Mount Thread Size



430 g



AriMic Lavalier Lapel Microphone



Mic Dimensions

6mm x 27mm



Frequency Range


Output Impedance






Cable Length




Jupio PowerLED 150 with Built-in Battery




150 LED bulbs / 12W

Power Source

4500mAh Battery (Internal)


1350 Lux/0.5m

Light Adjusting Range


Colour Temperature

3200K- 6000K (through filters)


140 x 75 x 20mm



* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice


Panasonic Lumix G85 + 12-60mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens
• Panasonic Lumix G85
• Hot Shoe Cover
• Body Cap
• Battery Pack – (DMW-BLC12)
• Battery Charger
• AC Cable
• USB Connection Cable
• Shoulder Strap
• Lumix G Vario 12-60mm f3.5-5.6 ASPH POWER O.I.S.
• Lens Hood
• Lens Cap
• Lens Rear Cap

Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod
• Sirui 3T-35K Table Top Tripod
• Ball Head with Quick-Release Plate
• Carabiner Clip

AriMic Lavalier Lapel Microphone
• AriMic Lavalier Lapel Microphone
• Synthetic Leather Case
• 2 Wind Protectors
• 2 Lapel Clips
• DSLR Adaptor

Jupio PowerLED 150 LED Light
• 1x Jupio PowerLED 150 LED Light Panel with Built-in Battery
• 1 x Shoe Mount
• 1 x Orange Filter
• 1 x Diffusion Filter
• 1 x Carry Bag

Manufacturer Warranty

This product comes with a

12  month Australian warranty

from Panasonic Australia

Want to read more about warranties?

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* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.