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Protective Waterproof Camera Cover

Created specifically for small cameras such as a crop-sensor DSLR with a prime, the Peak Design Shell Rain and Dust Cover fits securely and has a water repellant coating and waterproof membrane layer. This ensures your camera remains dry in adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow ensuring you are able capture photos that would otherwise be missed.

Access Camera Controls

The rear cord on the Shell can be opened quickly allowing access to the controls and LCD screen of the camera. When shooting with the Shell on, the front straps can be positioned at end of the lens and tightened to ensure the curved rain hood can be positioned at the end of the lens to protect against raindrops.

Works with Capture and Peak Design Anchor system

The Shell is compatible with a Capture clip on a belt or shoulder strap making it free both hands while ensuring your camera remains protected, even when on the move. The back of the Shell features two eyelets which can be used to slip Anchors through and attach them to a Peak Design shoulder strap or other accessory.

Pocket for Storage

The inside of the Peak Design Shell cover is a small mesh pocket for storage. When it is not in use, the cover can be turned inside out and pushed into the pocket, after which it can be hung from the camera or thrown into a bag for easy storage.

The Small size Shell is best suited to Mirrorless Cameras with most lenses or APS-C DSLR's with prime lenses. For more sizing info, click here.


26.39 x 2.99 x 16.99 cm



Fits cameras

Mirrorless cameras (ex: Sony NEX, Sony a7 and a7ii series, all Micro 4/3 cameras, etc.)

Crop-sensor DSLRs with kit or small prime lenses and no battery grip. (Ex: Canon Rebel, Nikon D3xxx-5xxx

Lens Ex: 18-55mm DX lens, 35mm, 50mm DX lenses, etc.)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Peak Design Shell Rain and Dust Cover - Small


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