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AP Bulk Film Loader 35mm

The AP Bulk Film Loader 35mm lets you roll your 35mm films from a bulk roll. It's suitable for all 35mm rolls up to 30.5 metres in length, and allows you to make small rolls of 35mm film for individual cassettes. If you go through a lot of film and have a specific film you prefer to use, this film loader is an affordable alternative to ready-made films. You can adjust the frame counter on the loader to determine how many frames should be included in each film cassette, between 5 and 36 frames. From a 30.5m bulk roll, you can generate 35mm films with 36 frames. The device has an integrated indicator to show you the amount of bulk film still left in the chamber. We recommend filling the film loader in a changing bag so you can also load film in daylight.

Accessories type Bulk Film Loader
Application range 5 - 36 images per film
Loader capacity 35mm films
Indicator ISO/ASA

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • AP Bulk Film Loader for 35mm Film


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