Constructed from a durable high-impact polystyrene, the Paterson Developing Tank includes a 35mm reel to hold a film for consistent even film development. It is easy to keep clean and has a unique funnel lid that traps light and allows the tank to be filled and emptied quickly.

Single Developing Tank with Auto Load Reel

Ideal for those getting into developing their own film, the Paterson developing tank can hold a roll of 35mm film and has a large diameter one-piece lid that attaches securely to the top of the tank. It also comes with an auto load film reel that come equipped with a twin ball ratchet system for easy loading.

Experiment with Different Type of Agitation

Mix the processing solutions by either flipping the tank over using the inversion agitation method or try rotating the tank to mix the solution using the provided agitation rod. This allows you to experiment to refine your development process.

Secure Lid with Funnel

With a large one-piece lid, you can be confident that the container is secure once you’ve put the top on. The lid also has a clip-in funnel, so you can quickly empty or fill the tank making the whole process as straight forward as possible.

Easy to Use and Durable

The Paterson Super System 4 Developing Tank is easy to use and to keep clean, so it can be a trustworthy tool in your developing kit. The durable polystyrene construction also means that it is built to last so you can enjoy shooting a developing your own prints.
Paterson Developing Tank with Reel


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