Darkroom Safe Light with 15W Bulb

The Paterson Darkroom Safe Light with Red A-Dome Filter includes a 15W bulb and comes ready to use. It plugs into mains power and can be easily mounted on to various surfaces including tables, walls, and even the ceiling.

Red Dome "A" Filter

The Darkroom Safelight has a Red Dome Filter which is suitable for general purpose printing on black & white paper and X-Ray Film. It’s compatible with the Copper/Brown "VF" dome which is available separately can be used for variable contrast printing.


Standard black and white printing, litho-orthographic, blue-sensitive and graphic arts materials.

Rotating Head


Mounting System

Wall, table, or ceiling mountable

Replacement Bulb


Interchangeable Filters

Replacement domes available




11.43cm diameter

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  • Paterson Darkroom Safe Light with Red A-Dome Filter
  • Safelight
  • 15 watt bulb
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