Paterson's 2000D Darkroom timer is a must have for any photographers interesting in developing and printing their own film. The timer can be connected to your enlarger to allows for precision control of your exposures. It has a simple layout and LED display with adjustable brightness.

Accurate Timing

The timer can be set in 0.1 second increments from 0.1 to 9.9 seconds or in 1 second increments from 1 to 99 seconds. If needed, the timer can be interrupted giving you the flexibility to reset your exposure time without having to wait for the timer to finish.

LED with Controllable Brightness

The darkroom timer is equipped with a darkroom safe red LED display that is easy to read and has an adjustable brightness.

Compatible with Enlargers up to 5 Amps

The supplied plug supports enlargers with lamps up to 5 amps and the timer runs on an AC power supply so there is no need to worry about batteries levels running low.

Convenient Features

The timer controls of the Paterson 2000 D are convenient and well-spaced out, to ensure that you can easily locate the correct buttons in the darkroom. The compact size of the timer lets you place it easily next to your enlarger for convenient access.

Time Range

0.1 to 9.9 or lO to 99 seconds; Accuracy: 0.1%

Maximum Wattage (Load)

Not available

Maximum Resistive Load

5 amps

Number of Outlets


Audible Options





LED readout

Auto Reset


Foot Switch





180 x l40 x 65 mm


826 g


Brightness adjustment for display readout

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