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Reverse Soft Graduated Neutral Density

The NiSi 100x150mm Reverse Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter features a dark area at the centre of the filter which gently transitions to light at the top, while the bottom half is clear. This reverse soft transition prevents over-exposure of skyline and makes the filter ideal for sunset and sunrise photography where the highest luminance is at the horizon line.

3-Stop Light Reduction

This neutral density filter does not affect the colouration of the image, and the 0.9 density provides a 3 stop reduction to light entering the lens.

Clear Optical Glass

Made from high quality optical lens glass (H-K9L), the filter provides a high level of neutrality to deliver sharp images with minimal colour casting. The optical glass is cured by a fine annealing process coupled with double-sided optical grinding and polishing to ensure extreme flatness and high parallelism for high image quality and crispness.

Infrared, Nano Coating and Super Multi-Coating

An infrared protection coating over the filter prevents IR light from passing through the lens to generate images with natural colours, while an anti-glare nano coating reduces reflections. In addition, a super multi-coating on both surfaces ensures the filters are hydrophobic and oil stain/scratch resistant.

Filter Compatibility

The Nisi 100x150mm Reverse GND filter is compatible with the NiSi 100mm filter holder as well as other 100mm Standard Filter Holders. The 150mm length of the graduated filters allows movement of the filter’s transition zone to ensure optimal positioning.

Filter Type

Graduated ND8 (0.9), Reverse

F-Stop Reduction

3 Stop



Filter Size



Optical Lens Glass (H-K9L)

Compatible Holders

100mm Filter Holder

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  • NiSi 100x150mm Reverse Soft Graduated Neutral Density Filter ND8 (0.9) - 3 Stop
  • Filter Pouch
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