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The NiSi 100x150mm Horizon Neutral Density Filter – ND16 provides 4 Stop light reduction in one portion of the frame, perfect for use at sunrise or sunset, allowing you to darken bright sunlight to ensure shots are correctly exposed.

Provides 4 Stop Reduction of Light

The NiSi 100x150mm Horizon Neutral Density filter provides a 4 Stop graduated light reduction in one section of the frame. This darkened area is ideal for capturing a perfect sunrise or sunset, as the vastly different light levels in the frame are normalised for good exposure throughout the shot.

High Quality Optical Glass Build

High quality Environmental Optical Lens Glass (H-K9L) is used in the filter’s construction to help capture true to life colours with no vignetting and minimal reflections.

Ideal for Pairing with a Soft GND

The horizon filter can produce beautiful results alone or paired with a graduated soft transition neutral density filter. Positioning both filters such that the GND’s gentle transition smoothly meets the stronger light reduction of the NiSi Horizon filter ensures balanced light in almost any situation.

Nano Coating Applied on Both Sides

The Horizon Neutral Density Filter – ND16 has a nano-coating applied on both sides that repels water and oil to allow for easier cleaning and better clarity.


Optical Glass

Compatible Holders

100mm Filter Holder

Filter Type

4 Stop, Horizon, ND16 (1.2)

F-Stop Reduction

4 Stop



Filter Size


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NiSi 100x150mm Horizon Neutral Density Filter – ND16 (1.2) – 4 Stop


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