For high draw LED lights and cameras

This Nanlite battery, which is designed for heavy draw lighting and cameras, is the new higher voltage 26V battery standard.

The Nanlite BT-V-26V270 lithium-ion battery offers 26V to high power lights or cine-style cameras. The battery has a capacity of 270Wh, it is rechargeable with no memory effect, and it delivers up to 12A of continuous power.

The battery can be charged with a specialized 26V charger, such as the separately available Nanlite BT-CGV-26V-1 single charger or the Nanlite BT-V-26V270 dual charger.

26V lithium-ion V-mount battery.

270Wh capacity.

Maximum 12A current.

Include a D-Tap port for charging and powering lights.

Includes a USB-A port to charge your phone or other USB-powered devices.

Compatible with Nanlite BT-CGV-26V-1 single charger and BT-V-26V270 dual charger.

  • Nanlite V-Mount battery BT-V-26V270 26V 270Wh


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