For Godox AD400Pro, AD300Pro, and ML60, Godox AD-S60S 60cm Octa Umbrella Style Softbox with Godox Mount.

The softbox is delivered in a handy case that facilitates transport and storage. It has a standard Godox Mount bayonet holder that is easily and quickly mounted to the lamp.

The AD-S60S softbox is built based on a quick unfolding mechanism. Thanks to this, you can prepare it very efficiently, attach it to the lamp and start the session, and then pack it up quickly.

Godox AD-S60S Features

Umbrella Style: Quick setup, quick folding without any assembling, as easy as a normal rainy umbrella you open.

Godox Mount: with blackout surface, Inside is a silver reflective material, specially designed for Godox AD400Pro AD300Pro ML60.

Octagon Design: Scientific and reasonable parabolic design to provide a more even and soft light effect for shooting.

Application: The applicable scenarios are very wide, for photography of portraits, interviews, professional filmmaking.

  • Godox AD-S60S Silver Octa Umbrella Softbox 60c


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