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The Rotolight Anova 5600K is a daylight balanced LED light with an excellent colour rendering index of 90+ for more accurate lighting, it also comes with correction filters that allow you to modify the colour temperature. The pro kit version includes barn doors to control light spill as well as a waterproof flight case to protect the light and its accessories during transport.

High CRI Rating

The light in the kit is a Rotolight ANOVA 5600K LED with a CRI (colour rendering index) of 90+, this means the light reproduces colours accurately, allow it to be used for a variety of professional applications that require faithful reproduction of colours.

Flood with Flick-Free Performance

With a 50° beam angle, the light acts as a medium flood and is suitable for lighting subjects that are either close or far. The versatile beam angle of the Rotolight Anova is complemented by the LED’s flicker-free performance that makes it ideal for slow motion and high speed shooting.

5600K Colour Balanced

Featuring a daylight colour balance of 5600K the light can be adjusted using the included correction filters to modify the colour temperature to 6300K, 4600K or 3200K. This makes it easy to colour match the Anova to a range of other lights.

Equivalent of 3,900W Tungsten Power

LED lights can produce excellent results while at the same time using around 96% less power. The Rotolight Anova produces a maximum light output of 3,900W (equivalent to a tungsten bulb) with significantly less heat produced for safer operation.

Refined Brightness Control

Brightness can be adjusted with precision from 0- 100 % in steps of 1% using the large control dial on the back of the unit. For quick adjustments and setups, the light features a fast mode that increases brightness in steps of 10%.

Control via DMX and Wi-Fi

DMX input and output ports on the rear of the unit allow the light to be connected to a controller for extensive control and the ability to program more complicated lighting setups. The light also has built-in Wi-Fi that works together with the iOS “Magic Eye” app to allow you to control the settings and brightness from your apple device.

Compatible with V-Mount Batteries and Mains Power

Capable of being powered in a variety of ways the Anova has a plate for mounting popular V-Lock-style batteries as well as a dc adapter that lets you connect the light to mains power.

Pro Kit Includes Barn Doors and Flight Case

The Rotolight Anova 5600K Pro kit includes a set of six-leaf barn doors that allows the output of the light to be controlled and softened, as well as a 6-pack of colour and diffusor gels. The kit also comes with a convenient foam-fitted flight case to transport and store the gear safely.

Fixed Colour Temperature

5600K. Achieves 6300K, 4600K and 3200K with supplied filters.

Overall CRI (Ra)

CRI =+ 90 (Skintone R15 CRI=91)

Equivalent Output

3.9 kW on 50 Degree

Power Consumption

38 Watts

Beam Angle

Standard 50 Degrees


W 340mm x H 380mm x D 55mm (w/ barn doors fitted)

Lighting at distance:

3 Ft (0.9m)

5938 Lux / 552 Foot Candles

6 Ft (1.8m)

1463 Lux / 136 Foot Candles

9 Ft (2.7m)

667 Lux / 62 Foot Candles

Anova without Yoke

2.6 Kg

Anova with Yoke

3.1 Kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Rotolight Anova Solo 5600K 50 LED Light
  • AC Adapter
  • Green (1/2) Filter
  • Green (1/4) Filter
  • Green (1/8) Filter
  • Full (1.5 Stop) Diffusion Filter
  • 3/4 Diffusion (0.5 Stop)
  • Cosmetic Peach (1 Stop) Filter
  • Colour Balance Filter (6300K)
  • Colour Balance Filter (4400K)
  • Colour Balance Filter (3200K)


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.