The PhotoMed Dental LED Light for Smartphones is the perfect dental accessory, providing the clarity you need to provide your clients with superior results. As cameras in Smartphones continually improve, they are becoming an increasingly popular photographic tool. This Dental LED works by evenly illuminating the mouth to capture a variety of necessary dental images.

High Quality LED Panels

Boasting two High CRI 95+ LED panels with 8 levels of brightness, this product caters to a range of photographic needs. The lowest setting is perfect for everyday dental photography, while the higher power levels are for videos and times when you need to capture the most intricate of details.

Long-lasting Battery

With built-in Lithium-ion batteries, the light offers 12-15 hours of continuous use when shooting on the lower brightness setting. When shooting on the highest setting, you will receive approximately 30-40 minutes of battery. You can keep an eye on the battery usage with the power level scale.

Versatility made easy

The LED Panels feature swivel hinges that allow you to move them into different positions, allowing you to achieve a wide range of illumination angles and directions. The universal mount means that most Smartphones are compatible, while the grip is equipped with a Bluetooth trigger, meaning you can operate and photograph one handed.
  • PhotoMed Dental LED Light for Smartphone
  • Charger
  • Charging Cables


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