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The NiSi 100x150mm Nano IR Medium Graduated Neutral Density Filter ND8 allows you to capture images with better dynamic range straight out of the camera. Its medium-level transition suitsa range of compositions, likecityscapes or landscapes, where you need to balance exposure between subjects above and below the horizon line.

Control your Dynamic Range

The densest half of the ND8 filter provides a 3-stop reduction and gradually becomes transparent with a medium edge transition from dark to light. Medium graduated filters are best suited for landscape photography and provide an alternative to shooting with a soft or hard graduated filter.

Nano Coating

The Nano Coating on both the sides of the filter reduces glare and reflection, allowing you to capture stunning colours with high contrast while still retaining the sharpness in your photographs.

Infrared Protection

The Infrared protection coating layer saves you from red cast in your photos caused by infrared light especially noticed while shooting with small apertures.

Smudge Resistant Coatings

Both the sides of the filter are also treated with an oleophobic coating that keeps it smudge free and makes it easy to maintain.

Filter Compatibility

The 100 x 150mm filters are compatible with the NiSi 100mm filter holders and also with other 100mm standard filter holders. The 150mm length of the graduated filters allows repositioning the transition zone of the filter in the holder to ensure much greater flexibility when positioning the filter on your image.

The NiSi 100x150 Nano Medium Grad ND16 filter is perfect for controlling your exposure for high quality compositions. It’s best suited for landscape photographers and can deliver fantastic results.


Optical Glass

Compatible Holders

100mm Filter Holder

Filter Type


F-Stop Reduction

3 stop



Filter Size


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
NiSi 100x150mm Nano IR Medium Graduated Neutral Density Filter – ND8 (0.9) – 3 Stop


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