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Using the Super Suit Green Water Dive Filter, you can remove the green cast that photos and videos can demonstrate when you are shooting underwater with the HERO5 or HERO6 Black camera. As this red filter is created from glass and not plastic you can still capture high quality footage without sacrificing any of the camera’s clarity while you are diving.

Magenta Filter for Colour Correction

The Super Suit Green Water Dive Filter is extremely useful when you are using the HERO5/6 Black camera to capture stills and videos underwater as it removes the green cast. This magenta filter is designed for use between the depths of 5 to 21m in green water and dramatically reduces the need for post processing work.

Quick Setup

Unlike plastic filters the dive filter can be quickly setup it can be simply pressed into place over the lens on the Super Suit of the HERO5/6 Black camera.

Optical Grade Glass

The filter is made from optical glass and does not reduce the quality of the photo or the video that is captured by the camera so you can be confident the image quality is retained while you shoot.

Microfiber Bag and Tether

The Green Water Dive filter comes with a tether and Microfiber bag. The bag helps you keep the filter secure and safe from damage during transport and when being stored. The tether stops the filter from being accidentally knocked off the camera and lost to ensure that it stays connected to your camera.

The GoPro Green Water Dive Filter is compatible with Super Suit (Uber Protection + Dive Housing for HERO5/6 Black).


Super Suit (Uber Protection + Dive Housing for HERO5/6 Black)

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  • Green Water Dive Filter (for Super Suit)
  • Microfiber Bag
  • Tether
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