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The Atomos AtomX SYNC Module for NINJA V is a simple to use multi-cam and dual sound system designed to work with your Ninja V.

Video & Audio Sync

The unit ensures that your audio and video is in sync all of the time. This module plugs into you Atomos Ninja V and allows timecode wirelessly, sync and control technology. You can connect multiple Ninja V units with multiple cameras and audio recorders via a patented, long range RF technology. It will even allow the synchronisation of other devices via the Bluetooth System. With Apple devices such as iPad and iPhone this is made possible with apps such as Mavis Pro, MovieSlate8 and Apogee’s MetaRecorder. There is also compatibility with pro audio devices such as the Zoom F6 and the Zoom F8n.

Continuous Power

Using the AtomX Expansion System, the AtomX module clips between the Ninja V and your battery. Because it has a small internal battery it works as a continuous power battery extender. You can hot-swap your batteries without interrupting the power to the unit and attached Ninja V for continuous use. This will give you approximately 5 minutes of run time while you swap over batteries.

Professional HDMI Sync

The use of a Atomos Ninja V and Atomos AtomX SYNC brings your HDMI camera into a professional production with multiple cameras so that footage instantly synchs when you come to editing. This will save hours of post-production time synching various sources.

Proven in Hollywood

The AtomX SYNC uses the same technology as Hollywood Motion Pictures allowing connection of multiple AtomX SYNC modules connected to Ninja Vs. These work together to create a single network with frame accurate start and stop and timecode. Each file will have perfect sync and the same length utilising one Ninja V acting as a server feeding information to the client units. Any of the AtomX Sync units, whether setup as client or server, can transmit accurate sync via Bluetooth to up to 6 devices. The X Sync is even able to connect with any number of Timecode Systems sync devices which then allow connection to more sources such as cameras and sound mixers.

One Server Talks to Many Clients

The 200m plus Long Range RF Network allows units to communicate with the server unit. Using a professional grade TCXO if a device does happen to go out of range, accurate timecode ensures that the unit will remain in sync. The unit will rejoin the network once it is back into range.

Calibrated Audio Delay

The ninja V provides two extra channels of analogue audio via the 3.5mm microphone input. Generally, when combining HDMI video and your external audio source into your recorder you need to set an audio offset to account for the delay. This can be tricky and time consuming but the AtomX SYNC is able to calibrate this for you automatically. It will figure out the difference between the embedded audio in the HDMI signal and the audio input. The process takes less than 2 seconds and once configured you can be sure of proper sync for a professional production.

A Modular System

You are abke to connect 1 or 2 AtomX Modules to a Ninja V simultaneously so that AtomX SYNC and AtomX SDI modules can be combined.

Bluetooth Low Energy Communication

The AtomX SYNC uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with compatible devices such as smartphones across about 10-15m (line of sight). You can pair up to 6 devices to each of the AtomX SYNC units in the network. This is an excellent feature for wireless sync that expands your options.




1 GHz

Continuous Power

Built-in for 5 minutes of continuous power

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Atomos AtomX SYNC Module


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