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The Athabasca ARK II series of filters are designed to be used with the Athabasca 100mm ARK filter holders.With their gradual darkening towards one side they are perfectly suited for landscape photographers in order to balance different light levels within a frame.

Landscape Graduation Filter

With a gradual shift from top to bottom, the ARK II GND32 is designed to darken skies so that you can exposure correctly for the darker parts of the scene without overexposing the brighter parts.

5 Stops of Light Reduction

At its darkest point the Grad Filter reduces light entering your lens by a full 5 stops and it’s 100x150mm rectangular size means it can be adjusted up and down within the holder to ensure optimal positioning with a horizon or flat line.

Quality Optics

Covered with a double layer water repellent coating the filter is resistant to rain drops, as well as scratches, and stains. The German Schott optical glass used to manufacture the filters has anti-impact and corrosion characteristics and is resistant to high temperatures.


German Schott optical glass


Water repellent, Scratch resistant, Stain resistant, Nano coating, Double sided anti-reflective film


Low reflection and light reducing layer (about 93.7% reduction)

Exposure Grade

5 Stops


100mm x 150mm





Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice.

  • Athabasca ARK II - GND32 (1.5) Graduated Filter
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