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Limits Light Entering the Lens

With the Athabasca ARK – Neutral Density 400 Filter you can efficiently reduce the amount of light entering the lens of your camera. It gives you added control over your exposure when you wish to experiment with longer exposures for creative effect.

Useful for Long Exposure

The filter allows you to obtain shots with long exposure because it reduces light levels by 9 stops. You can use the ARK ND when photographing running water to reduce the light and enable shooting with longer shutter speeds.

Colours Remain Intact

The ND400 filter ensures that colours are not affected and you can capture your images with absolutely no colour cast. As a result, you get shots with true to life colours and you can be confident that no additional post processing work will be required for colour correction. Allowing you to focus on shooting rather than colour tweaking.

Shallow Depth of field in Strong Sunlight

Using the Athabasca filter allows you to create images with a shallow depth of field even in strong sunlight. This is useful when you need to create professional portraits in bright conditions where you want to clearly separate the person in the foreground of the shot from the background.

Premium Materials

It is created with premium materials such as German Schott B270 Optical Glass. This brings a lot of durability to the square filter making it able to be used in regions where the temperature is high.

Reduced Reflections

There is a noble metal layer on the square Athabasca ARK - ND400 and it helps reduce reflections to ensure that your compositions stay clean and clear.

Scratch Resistant Coating

On the filter there is a scratch resistant coating on both sides. This coating in addition to helping reduce abrasions also makes the filter water repellent and keeps it from staining easily.

Helps in Reducing filter costs

The ARK – ND400 by Athabasca can be used on a number of lenses with an adapter ring and frame that is designed for square filters. Therefore, it is useful when you want to cut costs because it’s versatile design can be used with a wide range of lenses.


170x 170 x 2mm


German Schott B270 Optical Glass

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