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SWAMP's All-Round Workhorse PA Speaker

The PBO-15BM is SWAMP's all-around workhorse PA speaker, designed with bi-amped technology and Bluetooth connectivity. It has two channel inputs for microphones (XLR and jack for both) and line-level audio signals, two band EQ control and 250W of power in a monitor/foldback option speaker box. This speaker is ideal for anyone that requires a more detailed and punchy bottom end. It also features a set of wheels for easy transportation.

FOH or DJ Speaker

The PBO-15BM delivers the power of 250W RMS (bi-amp configuration), and 480W at peak levels. A pair of PBO-15BM offers plenty of thump for small pub and bar gigs, up to 200 people. Mounts on all standard speaker stands. A slanted speaker box design allows the PBO-15BM to be used effectively for stage monitoring applications.

Bi-Amped - 200W + 50W RMS

Built with a bi-amped configuration that utilises two individual amplifiers to power the woofer and the tweeter separately, making the amplifiers much more efficient resulting in more volume per watt. Using a carefully designed crossover (splitting of frequencies between the Tweeter and Woofer) ensures a clear mid-range and present, but non-piecing top range. All the while layered with a fat bass sound from the 38.1cm woofer, that can be EQ'd to your preference.

Ins and Outs

The inbuilt mixer module makes it possible to connect 2 microphones via a dedicated XLR Mic input or a jack input. A decent preamp and gain control support the sound of your microphone. As well, there is a line input, with both XLR and RCA connections. All inputs have individual-level controls. Dual RCA inputs are included to connect a DJ mixer or CD player, while the XLR Line Input enables a Balanced Line Level signal from an external mixing desk to be sent to the speaker. There is also an XLR/Jack line output, giving the ability to daisy chain the signal onto another speaker.

Bluetooth Connectivity + MP3 Player

SWAMP's PBO-BM powered speaker range features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless control of your audio playback. Simply activate Bluetooth on your Smartphone and select "Bluetooth" for instant playback of your phone's audio. Perfect for lining up music to play before and after a set. The module also allows for a USB flash drive or DS card to be used for MP3 playback. Included with the speaker is a remote control.


Frequency Response 55Hz-20KHz (+/- 3dB)
Woofer Sensitivity(1M/1W) 102 dB
Woofer Power Rating 200W RMS/ 400 MAX @ 4W
Woofer Frequency Range 50Hz - 3.5kHz
Tweeter Sensitivity(1M/1W) 106dB
Tweeter Rating Power 50W RMS/ 100W MAX @ 8W
Tweeter Frequency Range 3kHz a 20kHz
Woofer 284.48 cm, 5.84 cm Coil, 1.4kg
Tweeter 38.1 cm, 3.81 cm Coil, Magnet Weight 0.65kg
Tweeter Driver Titanium Compression Driver
Dimensions 68x45x39 cm
Weight 16.80kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Swamp Powered PA Speaker - 15 Inch - Bi-amped 200W + 50W RMS


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.