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The Samyang AF 85mm f/1.4 is an auto-focus telephoto prime lens designed for full frame cameras. It combines a short-telephoto focal length with a large F/1.4 aperture that’s perfectly suited to portraiture and other applications where shallow depth of field is desired. The lens is compact and lightweight with a weather sealed body that lets you keep shooting even when the weather gets ugly.

Ultra-Fast F/1.4 Maximum Aperture

The Samyang AF 85mm lens has an impressive f/1.4 maximum aperture providing excellent depth of field control. Shooting wide-open lets you create a shallow depth of field effect where your subject stands-out against a smoothly blurred background. The 9-curved diaphragm blades help produce a smooth, round bokeh in the out of focus highlights and background of the image.

Great Low Light Performance

The large aperture also enables the lens to perform exceptionally well in poor lighting scenarios. More light passing through the wide aperture means you can get away with using faster shutter speeds to produce photos that are still relatively well-exposed, even in lower ambient light.

Portrait Perfect 85mm Focal Length

As a short telephoto lens, the Samyang AF 85mm lens offers some magnification and a reasonable amount of background compression that, together, creates a very flattering focal length for portraits. This means you can keep a bit of distance between you and your subject, allowing them to really out against the background in a natural looking way.

Dual Linear Supersonic Motor

An upgraded dual-type Linear Supersonic Motor (LSM) assures fast, quiet, and accurate autofocus performance, allowing you to capture moving subjects with tack-sharp focus. Autofocus, combined with the cinematic depth of field, also opens up more video shooting opportunities to extend your creativity. Of course, for finer, more precise adjustments, manual focus override is available.

Internal Focus Design

Since focusing is performed internally, the physical size of the lens remains constant as you focus. This helps maintain the quality and composition of your photos. Internal focus also means that the front of the lens doesn’t rotate while focusing, so you can use circular polarisers or graduated ND filters without the need to re-adjust them after focusing.

Hybrid Aspherical Element

An optical construction of 9 glass elements in 7 groups includes one Hybrid Aspherical element that minimises spherical distortion and chromatic aberrations. This helps produce high-contrast images with edge-to-edge image sharpness and excellent colour reproduction in many lighting scenarios.

Anti-Reflective Ultra Multi Coating

Ghosting and flare caused by strong light are controlled by Samyang’s anti-reflective Ultra Multi Coating (UMC). The coating also suppresses surface reflections and optimises light transmission so images have improved contrast and colour neutrality, particularly while shooting in brightly lit environments.

Compatible with Crop Sensors

Although primarily designed for full-frame DSLRs, the lens is also compatible with crop sensor cameras where it provides a 136mm equivalent focal length. It will also work with Canon’s mirrorless range as long as you’re using the separately available M-Mount adapter.

Compact, Lightweight and Weather Sealed Construction

The Samyang AF 85 mm F1.4 Lens build quality is nothing short of excellent, thanks to a combination of metal and high quality plastic parts. It’s significantly lighter and more compact than its similar counterparts. To top it off, a weather sealed design also helps protect the lens from dust and moisture so you can keep working even in harsh environments.


Canon EF, Nikon F

Focal length


Aperture Range

f/1.4 - f/16

Format Compatibility

35mm Film / Full-Frame Digital Sensor


Angle of View

35mm: 28.4°

APS-C: 19.0°

Minimum Focus Distance


Maximum Magnification Ratio


Optical Construction

9 elements in 7 Groups with 1 Hybrid Aspherical element

Diaphragm Blades



Ultra Multi-Coating

Lens Hood

Bayonet Type (included)

Filter Thread

77 mm


72 x 88mm


485g (without lens caps and hood)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Samyang AF 85mm F1.4
  • Reversible Lens Hood
  • Front and Rear Lens Caps

Manufacturer Warranty

This product comes with a

24 month Australian warranty

from Maxxum Pty Ltd Australia

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