Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter - Canon EF Lenses to Micro 4/3 Body

The Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra Adapter is designed to fit almost any full frame Canon EF lens to Micro 4/3 cameras. This adapter reduces the crop factor from 2.0x to 1.4x, and increases the maximum aperture by one stop. It also has a 5-element 4-group design for improved optical clarity and colour. Plus, you get an extra 0.71x magnification.

Adapter for Canon EF Lens to Micro 4/3 camera

With the Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter, Canon EF lenses can be attached to a camera with a Micro 4/3 size sensor. It reduces the crop factor from 2.0x to 1.4x to capture up to 0.71x more of the scene in frame.

One Stop Aperture Increase

The adapter condenses light and projects a more full frame image onto a Micro Four Thirds sensor, providing a 1 stop increase of aperture over all of the lens’ f/stop settings. In doing so, it maximises the lens’ wide angle capabilities, giving you more compositional flexibility.

Enables Electronic Communication

The Metabones T Speed Booster lens adapter allows your camera to communicate with attached lenses. Thanks to this electronic interface, original camera features and setting adjustments, such as modes and aperture, remain available to the user for full shooting functionality. It also allows for EXIF metadata generated by supported lenses to be saved on camera. By doing this, information such as focal length, aperture and zoom range are automatically tagged for easy file organisation.

Supports Autofocus, Manual Focus and IS

The Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter gives photographers the option of using either manual mode or autofocus if it’s present on your lens. Camera and lens image stabilisation are also supported with the adapter so users don’t have to sacrifice function for convenience.

Sophisticated 5 Element, 4 Group Design

The T Speed Booster Adapter boasts a patented 5 Element, 4 Group design. Incorporated with a tantalum based optical glass, the adapter helps deliver sharp images with true colour accuracy.

Refined Build Quality

The aluminium build of the Ultra 0.71x Adapter keeps its weight low while brass mounting rings minimise wear and tear to improve durability. The adapter’s interior has also been coated in matte black to keep reflections to a minimum.

Locking Mechanisms and Threads

The Canon EF to Micro Four Thirds Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter has a locking push-button lens release mechanism for a secure fit to the camera. A detachable Arca-Swiss compatible tripod foot with 1/4-inch threads is included for use with longer lenses, allowing you to mount them on a tripod for better balance and stability.

Camera Mount
Micro Four Thirds
Lens Mount
Canon EF
Optical Design
6 Elements in 4 Groups
Aluminum, Brass
Tripod Mounting Thread
1/4"-20 Female
H: 7.0D: 4.5 cm
0.300 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Metabones T Speed Booster Ultra 0.71x Adapter - Canon EF - Micro 4/3


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