Metabones Canon EF Lens to Sony E-mount T Smart Adapter (Mark V)

The Metabones Canon EF lens to Sony E-mount T Smart Adapter (Mark V) enables you to use Canon EF or EF-S lenses on a Sony full-frame or APS-C format camera. This fifth generation model adapter is designed to connect a range of Canon lenses to Sony E-mount cameras, and is equipped with an advanced 32-bit processor and a switch that controls in-body image stabilisation. It also has electronic contacts that allow for autofocus, image stabilisation and the saving of EXIF data, giving you access to a range of useful features.

Fit Canon Lenses on Sony E-mount Camera Bodies

Powered by your camera’s body, the Metabones EF to E-mount T Mark V Adapter lets you use Canon EF and EF-S lenses with Sony E-Mount full-frame and APS-C camera bodies. This provides excellent versatility and allows you to take advantage of more creative options.

Electronic Contacts and 32-bit processor

The adapter uses a 32-bit processor and electronic contacts to allow access to a number of convenient features. These include metadata transmission, image stabilisation, autofocus, auto exposure, while aperture can be controlled from the camera body and EXIF data can be saved.

Supports Phase-Detect and Contrast-Detect Auto Focus

Support for phase-detection autofocus is available when the adapter is used with A7RII, A7II, A6300 and A6500 cameras. Contrast-detection autofocus is available when used with any E-mount camera.

Use In-Body and Lens Optical Image Stabilisation

The adapter maintains the in-body image stabilisation (IBIS) featured on Sony A7II, A7RII and A7SII cameras, with a dedicated switch to turn it on and off. If using lenses with built-in optical image stabilisation, like 2009 and newer Canon EF/EF-S lenses, the Metabones adaptor can support the use of 5-axis stabilisation. This seamlessly combines body and lens stabilisation for ultra-stable images.

LED Light and Programmable Focus Hold Button

An LED light indicates the operation mode of the adapter, its OIS status, and more, while the focus hold button can be programmed to use more than 50 functions, providing easy access to commonly used settings and features, like Aperture Preview and Eye-AF.

Electronic Manual Focusing and EXIF Support

With support for electronic manual focusing, the adapter can be used with lenses like the Canon EF 85mm f/1.2L II that has a focus-by-wire system. EXIF data, such as lens name and focal lengths, are transmitted to the camera where they can be stored within your images.

Smooth Iris Support

When the Metabones EF Lens to E-Mount adapter is used with select Canon, Tamron SP series, and Sigma lenses, the smooth iris feature is available, which provides smoother aperture changes when shooting video.

Distance, Zoom Display and Auto Magnify Support

Support for distance, zoom display, and auto magnify is available for select cameras. Auto APS-C Size Capture settings are supported on full-frame cameras using Canon EF-S lenses.

Tough, Lightweight Build

The aluminium-alloy and brass ring design of the adapter is lightweight and durable, able to withstand heavy use. The matte-black treatment and internal felt flocking within the adapter’s opening helps to reduce unwanted reflections.

Removable Arca-Swiss Tripod Foot

Finally, the Metabones Canon EF lens to Sony E-mount T Smart adapter has a removable Arca Swiss compatible tripod foot with a 1/4 inch thread that comes in handy when using larger lenses. The adapter is a great solution that maintains several of your camera’s native features, ensuring your creative ability is never limited.

Camera Mount
Sony E
Lens Mount
Canon EF/EF-S

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  • Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E-mount T Adapter (Mark V)
  • Front Cap
  • Rear Cap
  • Tripod Foot


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