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Canon EF-EOS R Drop-In Mount Adapter

This adapter from Canon is designed to let you use your EF full-frame lenses and EF-S APS-C size lenses with the Canon RF Mount for full frame mirrorless cameras. Plus, the built-in drop-in filter holder means you can take advantage of CP or ND filters with your whole EF/EF-S lens range.

Compatible with any Canon EF or EF-S Lens

Constructed to provide Canon shooters with the flexibility to use any Canon EF or EF-S lens, the adaptor allows you to take advantage of more than 70 lens in the Canon line-up without sacrificing performance.

Lens IS and Autofocus without Compromise

Electronic communication between the lens and camera works in conjunction with a specialised design to ensure that there is no loss in AF speed and lens image stabilisation is maintained. They support full autofocus and aperture control, plus lens image stabilisation to ensure the best performance possible from your existing Canon glass.

Drop-In Filter-Holder

The EF to RF Mount adapter also features an embedded filter holder that supports drop-in Variable Neutral Density or Circular Polariser filters. A dial on the outside edge of the adapter can be used to rotate the filter to achieve your desired effect.

Great Option for Video Shooters

Videographers can take advantage of the drop-in adapter to use variable NDs across their entire EF/EF-S lens range. Handy when shooting wide open in bright conditions, the filter holder enables video shooters to control their exposure via an variable ND filter without compromising their shutter speed or aperture.

Supports Full frame Lenses and APS-C Lenses

The Canon EF to RF Mount Adaptor with Control Ring is designed to be compatible with both the full frame format EF Canon glass as well as the APS-C EF-S lenses to ensure that you can use the DSLR lenses you already have.

Save Time and Money

The convenient design of the EF-RF Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter means you require only one or two filters across your entire EF/EFS lens range, saving you money from having to buy individual filters for each lens. It also means the filter you need is ready to go each time you change a EF or EF-S lens, streamlining your workflow while adding consistency to your exposures.

Camera Mount
Canon RF
Lens Mount
Canon EF, Canon EF/EF-S
ø: 7.32 x H: 2.47 cm
0.121 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Canon EF-EOS R Control Ring Mount Adapter


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