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One of the most powerful daylight-balanced LED fixtures available, the Rotolight Anova PRO 5600K LED Light has a high Colour Rendering Index rating of 91 and Television Lighting Consistency Index rating of 86, ensuring accurate colour reproduction with natural looking skin tones. Using the included filters, you can easily adjust the colour temperature between 6300K-3200K. CineSFX technology creates special effects when shooting for television or film, and it also has flash sync that expands its flexibility to traditional photography.

High CRI and TLCI for Accurate Colour Reproduction

Featuring a patented LED system with AccuColourTM the Rotolight Anova PRO has a high CRI of 91 and provides exceptionally accurate rendering of colour. It also has a Television Lighting Consistency rating of 86 making it suitable for broadcast television, cutting down the need for post-production.

Bright, Flicker-Free Lighting

With a 50° beam angle, the light generates a nice, solid flood that produces a bright 6545 Lux at 0.9m. The light is flicker-free at any brightness and its continuous output is ideal for slow motion video or high speed photography. The shape of the light itself also delivers the signature round Rotolight catchlight in the eyes of your subjects, perfect for creating moody, natural portraits.

Filter Adjustable Colour Temperature

An included gel filter kit makes it easy to change the look and feel of your lighting, with three colour correction filters to shift the colour temperature range easily. Go from 5600k lighting to 6300K, 4400K, or 3200K with a simple and fast filter swap to customise your lighting.

Creative Effects with CineSFX Technology

CineSFX technology lets you create customisable lighting effects including strobe, lightning, police, fire, television screen, welding sparks, and much more. This is excellent for television and film production of any scale. These effects can be triggered remotely, ideal when you’re on-set.

Custom Control and True Aperture Dimming

Dials on the back of the light allow you to manually control brightness for a smooth, custom lighting look. The True Aperture Dimming mode can calculate and display the correct f-stop you should use at a specified distance based on your camera’s exposure settings. This makes set-up much faster and offers a more efficient workflow with less time spent metering.

Designer Fade Mode

A Designer Fade Mode allows for custom fade up or down effects to be used during interviews or productions. It makes the light an ideal choice for DSLR videographers and cinematographers who want added creativity while reducing time spent in post-production.

High Speed Flash Sync and Remote Triggering

The Rotolight Anova has remote triggering and High Speed Flash Sync with that can synchronise the light with your camera’s shutter release. In this mode, it provides 150% of its maximum continuous output with no recycle time, making it a versatile option for traditional photography applications.

Works on V-Mount Batteries or Mains Power

Capable of using mains power or V-Mount batteries, the Rotolight Anova PRO consumes 94% less energy compared to standard tungsten bulbs. This high level efficiency makes the light ideal for in-studio and on-location applications, forming part of a must-have lighting solution for photos and video work alike.

Model SKU


Battery Plate


Operating Voltage

110 - 240 VAC
15 VDC

Power Consumption

51 Watts (100% output)

Colour Temperature Range

Fixed 5600K (+/- 100K)
Correction filters supplied to achieve 6300K, 4400K or 3200K

Beam Angle

50 Degree



TLCI Television Lighting Consistency


Overall CRI (Ra)

CRI= 91
Skin tone R15 CRI=99

Guide Number

GN 24 @ ISO 100 @2.7m


Lux at 0.9m

6910 Lux

Foot Candles (fc)

642 fc


3401 Lumens

F-stop at ISO 200/400/800

f8 / f11 / f16


Lux at 1.8m

1950 Lux

Foot Candles (fc)

181 fc


3835 Lumens

F-stop at ISO 200/400/800

f4.59 / f6.5 / f9.19


Lux at 2.7m

933 Lux

Foot Candles (fc)

87 fc


4017 Lumens

F-stop at ISO 200/400/800

f3.73 / f5.28 / f7.46



1 x 5-Pin DMX Input
1 x 5-Pin DMX Output
1 x RJ45 Program Input
1 x Flash Sync and Trigger Input
1 x USB Type-B Port


Local, DMX or Wifi Via Magic Eye App for iOS, Flash Sync and trigger input


Via Standard TVMP Bracket on Yoke or M8 via Utility Block

Included Filters

216 Full Diffuser
250 Medium Diffuser
184 Cosmetic Peach
279 1/8 Minus Green
249 1/4 Minus Green
248 1/2 Minus Green




440 x 493 x 107 mm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Rotolight Anova PRO Solo 5600K LED Light
  • AC Adapter
  • Green (1/2) Filter
  • Green (1/4) Filter
  • Green (1/8) Filter
  • Full (1.5 Stop) Diffusion Filter
  • 3/4 Diffusion (0.5 Stop)
  • Cosmetic Peach (1 Stop) Filter
  • Colour Balance Filter (6300K)
  • Colour Balance Filter (4400K)
  • Colour Balance Filter (3200K)
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