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The NiSi Titanium Pro Nano UV Cut-395 filter features an incredibly strong and light titanium frame that’s resistant to extreme heat and cold so you can shoot confidently in variety of weather conditions. The Pro Nano filter cuts UV light below 395nm to provide maximum image clarity. A durable waterproof and scratchproof coating helps keep the filter clean and clear, the perfect choice for HD photography.

Ultra-Clear UV Protection

Made with high-quality Ultra HD Optical glass, the NiSi Titanium Pro Nano UV filter features a nano coating on its surface that effectively cuts out ultra violet light below 395nm. This helps reduce haze and results in better colour balance, minimised reflections, and high transmittance of visible light, perfect for capturing ultra-clear High Definition images.

High Grade Titanium Frame

The filter’s frame has been crafted out of titanium making it incredibly strong yet significantly lighter than aluminium filters of the same size. Resistant to cold, heat, and acid corrosion, it offers unparalleled durability in all kinds of harsh climates and conditions.

Durable Waterproof Coating

A strong waterproof has been applied to the filter and also features anti-scratch properties to keep your filter in the best shape possible. The coating makes the lens easy to clean and dry, even if you’re using it in tough conditions.

Goodbye Vignetting

The NiSi Titanium Pro Nano UV filter’s frame is ultra-thin which reduces the chance of vignetting on your photos. The outside of the filter shows the titanium’s natural, premium look while the inner ring has had a matte black coating applied to reduce the occurrence of reflections.


Optical Glass



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UV Cut-395

Filter Size


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NiSi Titanium Pro Nano UV Filter - 95mm


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