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The NiSi 82mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter comes in handy when you want to reduce the amount of light that hits your camera sensor without adding any colour casting to the final image.

10 Stops Exposure Reduction

For when you want to shoot longer exposures or use your lens aperture opened right up the ND filter provides a 10 stop reduction of light with an optical density of 3. This can be used to expand your creative opportunities with your photography by giving you more control over your exposure.

Perfect for Moving Water

This allows you greater flexibility when shooting by allowing you to shoot long exposures during the day so you can create stunning seascapes and waterfall photography with smooth water effects. The Nano IR ND Filter lets you take photos with a much longer shutter speed than usual without any overexposure when shooting in sunlight.

Film with a Shallow Depth of Field

When using the ND filter you can even shoot video with a super shallow depth of field and keep control over your shutter speed when you are working in strong sunlight, which is normally impossible because of the brightness associated with using a smaller aperture number. Using the ND filter allows you to create footage with smooth blurry backgrounds making your subject stand out in the foreground.

Colours Remain Intact

The NiSi 82mm Nano filter features an IR coating to help in reducing any red colour cast so you do not have to worry about the colours being changed. This ensures that all the original colours remain unaffected, saving you countless hours of post processing work.

Ultra-Thin Frame

The filter features a super fine frosted frame with a matt black finish so it doesn’t stick out in front of the lens keeping your system compact which makes it less prone to being knocks and damage.

Nano Coating

The Nano coating on the high quality optical glass of the Ni Si 82mm Nano IR Neutral Density Filter makes sure that every fine piece of detail is captured when you are shooting with it attached and protects your lens from moisture.


Optical Glass

Filter Type


Filter Size


F-Stop Reduction

10 Stop

Optical Density


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
NiSi 82mm Nano IR Neutral Density filter - ND1000 (3.0) - 10 Stop


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