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Keep your lighting gear organised with the MagMod Small Case. Why waste time splitting your kit between different cases and bags, when you can have everything you need in one location. With the custom designed MagMod case you can finally stop rummaging in bags searching for space to wedge your gels and keep it all in the one convenient place.

Protect and Organise

The Mag Mod Small case is not just for keeping all your gear together, although that is quite a handy feature, it also provides protection for your expensive gear during transport and while on location. Semi-padded sides add to the safety of your kit while a hard top and bottom shell allows the case to stand on its own, perfect for packing and storing securely.

Carry Everything You Need

Designed specifically for the MagMod ecosystem, the MagneticMod Small Case holds a MagBox, a MagRing, 2x MagShoes, 2x Speedlight Flashes each with a MagGrip attached. There is a rigid inner core at the centre of the bag to hold 2x Focus Diffusers and a zip pocket in the lid that holds up to 24 MagBox gels.

MagMod Small Case for MagBox


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