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High-speed chromogenic black-and-white negative film from Ilford called XP2 Super may be processed in C-41 chemistry alongside regular colour negative films. Although it can be under or overexposed to alter the contrast and the harmony of grain and sharpness, its nominal sensitivity is ISO 400/27°. The most neutral balance between a small grain structure and great sharpness will be available at an ISO rating of 400. With its broad exposure latitude, you can also more effectively adjust the values of the highlights and shadows as well as a wide variety of middle tones. Additionally, XP2 Super is made to print on both RA-4 colour papers with preserved print colour neutrality and standard black-and-white papers with Multigrade contrast filters.

Film Format 35mm
Number of Exposures 24
Film Type Panchromatic B&W Chromogenic Negative
ISO/ASA Film Speed 400
Film Processing C-41
Film Base Acetate
Number of Rolls 1
Layer Thickness 125.0 µm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Ilford XP2 Super 400 Black & White 35mm Single Roll, 24 Exposure Film - Expired

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