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DJI Neutral Density Filter Set

Take control of different lighting conditions and improve your stills and videos with this Neutral Density Filter Set for Mini 3 Pro from DJI. Each filter reduces the amount of light that enters the drone's sensor, with the ND16 reducing it by 4 stops, the ND64 by 6 stops, and the ND256 by 8 stops. The more you reduce the light, the more you can manually adjust exposure to cope with bright lighting of varying intensity. The ND16 is perfect for normal daylight, while the ND64 and ND256 are great for very bright conditions, allowing you to capture motion blur on moving subjects, such as vehicles or waterfalls.

ND16: 4 Stops
ND64: 6 Stops
ND256: 8 Stops

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • DJI Neutral Density Filter Set for Mini 3 Pro (3-Pack, ND16/64/256)


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