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The Aputure Amaran LED HR672W Single Light Kit is daylight-balanced, bright, and flicker-free, ideal to use for video lighting. The included remote control ensures easy operation from up to 100m away. It has a brightness of 2,080 Lux at 1m and can be dimmed from 0-100% using the handy dimmer dial on the back. It’s lightweight and very portable with a high 95+ CRI rating that offers accurate, true to life colour reproduction both in studio and on location.

Daylight Balanced LED Panel

The Aputure Amaran HR672W panel is packed with 672 LEDs that offer bright 5500K daylight balanced light. A 75° beam spread and brightness of 2,080 Lux @ 1 m the light provides adaptable brightness to suit a variety of shooting scenarios both in studio and on location.

Flicker Free Light with Great Colour Accuracy

A CRI rating of 95+ ensures true-to-life colour reproduction that’s ideal for a range of applications, like fashion and product photography, where true colours are so important. The light is also flicker free, whatever shutter speed you use, making it perfect for photos and video alike.

Adjustable Brightness

A large dial on the back of the Amaran HR672W offers smooth, step-less dimming that provides adjustment from 0 to 100% brightness for full control over your scene lighting.

Convenient Wireless Control

Using the included 2.4GHz FSK wireless remote control, the Amaran’s brightness can be conveniently adjusted from up to 100 meters away. The remote uses 3 channels and 4 groups allowing you to control a multi-panel set-up quickly and easily.

Battery Powered with Indicator Lights

Dual battery slots on the back of the unit fit Sony L-series batteries (included) offering portable, wireless power. It also comes with an AC adapter to plug into mains during longer shoots. Four LED lights on the back of the panel indicate remaining battery power.

Easy to Mount with Included Adapter Bracket

The light can be mounted using the 1/4 inch threads available on its bottom or sides. A 1/4 inch to 3/8-inch screw adapter attaches to the light panel, making it possible to mount the tilting adapter bracket for easy placement on light stands, tripods, or other supports.

Thin and Durable Design

Measuring just 3.2 cm thick, the Amaran HR672W is extremely compact, its slim shape allowing for easy transport and storage. Ventilation along the back and sides of the panel provide efficient heat dissipation without needing a cooling fan, keeping the panel nice and quiet for video shoots.

Filters and Carrying Bag Included

Completing the Aputure Amaran HR672W single light kit is a set of filters, a diffusion filter and an orange warming filter. They slip easily into place and can be used to modify light output to soften light or create effects. The whole system fits neatly into an included carry bag for easy transport.


Lamp Type

672 LED bulbs

Beam Angle



7,300 lux @ 0.5 m
2,080 lux @ 1 m


= 95 Ra

Battery Power

2 x Sony L-series type

Power Supply

15 VDC

Operating Current

= 4 A

Power Consumption

= 45 W

Average Life Hours

= 100,000


23.5 x 19.0 x 3.2 cm


0.585 g



2.4 GHz




4 (A/B/C/D)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Aputure Amaran HR672W LED Panel - Single Light Kit
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Remote Control
  • 1/4-inch to 3/8-inch Screw Adapter
  • Tilt Adjustable Light Stand Mount Adapter
  • AC Adapter
  • Diffusion Filter
  • Orange Warming Filter
  • Carrying Case
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