The Wine Country 100mm Filter Holder Starter Kit system is the standard size for most Mirrorless, DSLR and Medium Format cameras. The system is compatible with 100x100x2mm and 100x150x2mm filters. The holder system features a light-tight rotating polariser, a light-tight ND slot, and two push button adjustable grad filter slots. It is lightweight and designed for low vignetting.

Light Tight Recess for the ND Vault

Light leaking between the ND filter and the lens is the number one challenge faced by holder system users… until now. Wine country cameras have built a dedicated recess into the holder system to create a light-tight environment for the ND filter. This feature alone makes the 100mm Holder System the de facto standard for long exposure photographers. The vault surrounds your ND filter on all four sides, eliminating internal reflections caused by light entering on-edge, ensuring that your ND filter provides high-fidelity and high-contrast.

Push-button Adjustable Grad Vaults

The holder system features two stages for grad filters. Each stage is independently adjustable. Simply push the button, adjust the horizon line of the filter and release. The grad vaults are keyed for safety so your valuable filter doesn’t go plummeting into the earth the moment you push the button.

"Do Not Disturb" Release

Installing or removing the holder without disturbing framing or focus is absolutely critical, especially for long exposure photographers who must frame and focus the image before adding a heavy stack of ND.
Low Vignetting
Wine Country Cameras have worked tirelessly throughout the design process to gain back every millimetre between the adapter ring and the outer grad tray to ensure that vignetting is reduced to an absolute minimum. No detail is too small, the wood handles are even carved away to reduce any chance of vignetting.

Includes Circular Polarizer

The Wine Country Camera 100mm starter kit features an integrated rotating, circular polarizer. The polarizer fits inside the holder body, eliminating reflections and vignetting while allowing for precise geared rotation. WCC worked with a high-end optics manufacturer to develop the highest possible quality polarizer. The polarizer uses 2.5mm thick Schott optical glass that is fire polished, free of surface aberrations and suitable for use with the highest resolving cameras on the market, including 100+ megapixel medium format cameras.

Includes 2x Blackstone ND & ND Grad Filters

The included Blackstone ND Filters are the technological cutting edge in filter design. The starter kit contains the two most essential filters for landscape photography. The 6 stops ND is the perfect medium density filter, giving you the creative possibilities of misty waterfalls, ethereal streams, and heavenly clouds. The 2 stop ND grad works in nearly every outdoor situation and is the perfect choice to balance the foreground and the sky.

Includes Holder Case & Filter Pouch

The 100mm Starter Filter Holder Kit also includes a Filter Holder System Case and a Basic Filter pouch making the kit easy to store while safeguarding the filters from potential damage during transportation.

Wood Handles

Some of the best locations can be more than a little chilly. So, the holder has been designed with wooden handles so that your fingers will enjoy outdoor photography as much as the rest of your body. Not only that but the wood is weather sealed for longevity.

Filter Holder with Polarizer
Blackstone ND 6 Stop Filter with filter vault
Blackstone ND 2 Stop Soft Edge Grad Filter with filter vault
Filter Holder System Case
Basic Filter Pouch
Adapter Ring of Your Choice


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