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The Sirui W-2204 tripod is made of ultra-strong, lightweight carbon fibre that can support up to 18kg of gear, ideal even for larger DSLR camera and lens set-ups. Offering 360o pans and ball lock, the ball head can adjust its friction with precision for smooth video capture. The split centre column can also be attached to one of the removable legs to form a full-size monopod that makes it easy to get steady shots even in tight spaces. With a 180cm maximum height, the tripod offers excellent positional versatility while the reverse folding legs allow it to collapse down to a compact and portable size. Designed to be both dust and waterproof, the tripod isn’t afraid of water, making it the perfect companion for adventurous photographers.

Sturdy Ball Head Supports up to 25kg

The Sirui K-20X II ball head can support up to 25kg of gear on its own, perfect for DSLRs using heavier lenses or with accessories attached. The Arca-Swiss compatible clamp and quick release plate ensure easy, fast, and secure attachment with anti-twist pins that help keep your camera in place. The updated version of the head features aluminium knobs for improved durability.

Separate Movement Controls

Featuring separate, ergonomic controls for 360° panning, ball lock, and tension, aligning your camera is intuitive and easy. The tension dial is built into the ball-lock knob, giving you easy access to the friction feel while adjusting the tripod head’s angle independently.

Printed Panning Scale and Bubble Levels

On the base of the K-20x ball head, you’ll notice a printed panning scale for repeatable movements. Three bubble levels on the clamp ensure easy, fast levelling for both vertical and horizontal actions, allowing you to frame your shot whether you’re shooting in portrait or landscape orientation.

Durable, Lightweight Aluminium Construction

The K20x II Ball Head is made from durable, lightweight aluminium to provide a strong and reliable companion for your tripod legs. The hefty maximum payload gives you the freedom to use a range of different cameras and accessories with confidence, knowing your gear will be secure.

Sturdy Carbon Fibre Design Supports up to 18kg

Made from ten-layer carbon fibre, the Sirui W-2204 tripod is designed to be both strong and ultra-lightweight, able to support up to 18kg of gear on its own. This allows you to use a huge range of pro DSLR cameras and lenses along with attached accessories with confidence.

Accommodating Split Centre Column Design

The centre column uses a 2-section design to provide excellent height flexibility within a compact form factor. Reversible 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch screws are included to extend its compatibility to even more tripod heads, cameras, and accessories.

Versatile Working Height Range

A maximum height of 180cm offers an extremely versatile working range. Extend the centre column to shoot up high, or retract it to capture low angle shots at just 15cm off the ground. Reverse folding legs fit around the centre column so the W-2204 folds down to just 52cm for great portability.

4-Section Legs with Three Ratchet Positions

The four section legs lend even further to the compact nature of the W-2204 tripod. Each leg can be individually positioned at three different angles with a ratchet lock system that enables you to securely set the leg angle once you’ve lined up the perfect shot.

Waterproof Twist Locks

Aside from being incredibly secure and easy to adjust, the rugged Twist locks also feature O-ring seals. This ensures they’re both dust and waterproof, allowing you to get creative and set-up your tripod right in the water without worrying about affecting its long-term integrity.

Converts into a Monopod

One of the tripod’s legs is detachable and combines with the removable centre column to form a full-size monopod. At 177cm, it can be adjusted at several points to find your ideal height. This is extremely useful when you’re working in tight spaces that aren’t tripod friendly.

Spirit Level and Stabilising Hook

A built-in spirit level lets you easily align your camera with the horizon and a handy ballast hook beneath the centre column lets you hang weights or your camera bag to enhance the tripods stability, perfect for windy days. Rubber feet also offer good traction, but a set of spiked feet are also included for use on particularly unstable terrain ensuring you’re always prepared.

Transport Bag Included

While the Sirui W2204 Carbon Fibre tripod with K20X II Ball Head features hand grips on two of the legs, it also comes with a convenient carry case that makes it easy to store and transport. Overall, it’s the perfect combination of versatility, portability, and stability that’s ideal for adventurous shooters.



K-20X II

Maximum Payload

25 kg




101 mm


430 g

Ball Diameter

38 mm

Base Diameter

54 mm

Compatible With

1/2 Series Tripods


Load Capacity

18 kg

Maximum Working Height

178 cm

Max Height without Centre Column

147 cm

Minimum Working Height

15.5 cm

Folded Length

52 cm

Head Mount Type

3/8-inch Screw




Carbon Fibre

Leg Lock Type

Leg Sections


Tripod Feet Features


Centre Column Features

Ballast Hook, Split

Centre Column Sections


Centre Column Extension Type

Independent Leg Spread


Load Capacity

18 kg

Maximum Working Height

178 cm

Max Height without Centre Column

147 cm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • 1 x SIRUI W-2204 waterproof tripod carbon fibre
  • 1 x Sirui K-20x II Ball Head
  • 3 x Rubber feet
  • 3 x Stainless steel spikes
  • 1 x Carry bag


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.