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Perfect for Travellers and Photographers

The Peak Design Travel Duffelpack is perfect for the adventure traveller or professional photographer. Its incredibly versatile design takes the requirements of the modern traveller into consideration at every turn, offering a comfortable, customisable, carrying solution that can hold a massive amount of gear.

Hard-Wearing Weather Resistant Exterior

The exterior of the Duffelpack is a weatherproof 100% recycled 600D nylon canvas. Its base is made from a thicker 900D ottoman-weave poly fabric. It's hard wearing characteristics means you can confidently subject the bag to daily abuse while you rack up those frequent flyer miles, while the weather-proof characteristics ensure your gear remains dry and protected.

Ideal for Short Trips and Overseas Adventures

The clever design features integrated expansion zippers on the front to offer a massive 20L payload increase. This takes the bag from a streamline 45L to it's massive 65L capacity. The flexibility of its carrying capacity makes it ideal for short road trips and weekend getaways and longer overseas, round the world, bucket list ticking, life changing adventures.

Peak Design Camera Cube Compatible

The interior is compatible with Peak Design's packing tools, allowing you to utilise the small, medium and large camera cubes to stow, transport, organise and protect your expensive camera gear while on the road.

Innovative Ultra-Long Zip Path

A beefy #10 weatherproof zip and ultra-long zip path at the rear allows the bag to open almost completely, providing excellent access to the bag as you desire. It’s the ultimate convenience when packing, unpacking, repacking and accessing any and all of your stored gear, regardless of where in the bag it's located.

Internal & External Pockets

Two internal and two external pockets enable you to organise your gear equipping you with the ability to separate smaller frequently used items on the outside for easy access, and less frequently used items within the bag.

Padded Ergonomic Shoulder Straps

The rear of the duffelpack features ergonomically padded shoulder straps with integrated handles and a removable sternum strap. The handles can be used as attachment points for the Peak Design Capture Clip, or used to comfortably carry the bag like a duffel.

Padded Waist Strap

When hauling a heavy load, the integrated padded waist straps can be utilised shift the weight of your gear away from your shoulders down to your hips for all-day carrying comfort.

Magnetic Fastened Back Concealment Panel

Both the hip and shoulder straps can be concealed behind a magnetically fastened panel transforming the backpack into a streamlined duffel bag design. Now you know where the name duffelpack comes from!

All The Handles

Handles on every side of the bag further improve its practicality. Grab and go from the top, bottom or sides for maximum convenience with minimal fuss.

Includes Cinch Compression Straps

Made for the urban jetsetter and working photographer, the Peak Design Duffel Backpack also includes two external cinch straps that can help compress awkward or unevenly shaped items to ensure better stability and load distribution.

  • Ideal for Travellers and Photographers
  • Tough Weather Resistant Exterior
  • Ideal for Road Trips and Overseas Adventures
  • Peak Design Camera Cube Compatible
  • Innovative Ultra-Long Zip Path for Easy Access
  • Padded Ergonomic Shoulder and Waist Straps
  • Grab Handles Everywhere
  • Includes Cinch Compression Straps


45L Min / 65L Max 

Peak Design Packing Cube Capacity

4 Units




Standard: 66cm x 38 cm x 30cm
Diameter: 110cm

Expanded: 66cm x 42 cm x 34cm
Diameter: 134cm
(expansion panels expand bag diameter the most thus creating a large volume increase of 20L)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 65 Litre
2x Cinch Straps


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.