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The NiSi V6 100mm Filter Holder boasts a refined design, fine-tuned with feedback from professional landscape photographers. Delivering the features that make NiSi one of the world’s leading filter brands, the new V6 system also introduces a stack of new functionality like a raised C-PL filter position, new locking screw and other features that make it easier than ever to capture epic landscapes.

Holds Up to 3 100x100mm or 150x100mm Filters

Providing one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use and versatile landscape filter setups, the system holds up to three 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters. This allows you to stack ND filters with graduated and reverse graduation filters for complete exposure control.

Improved Slot Design and Locking Screw

Nisi have re-designed the filter slots on the V6, adding improved guide slots for the filters as well as a new locking screw that provides piece of mind that your expensive filters are not going anywhere.

360-Degree Rotation with No Vignetting

The locking screw still allows for a full 360° filter rotation that is incredibly useful to match horizon of your shot with the line of a graduated filter. The holder is designed to stay out of the way and won’t cause any vignetting, even when used on a 16mm wide angle lens and a full frame camera.

Includes Enhanced Landscape CPL Filter

The kit includes an enhanced landscape C-PL filter that produces excellent results without affecting the colour of the shot, it has a Nitto polarising film and boasts a 99.95% polarisation efficiency.

Raised Circular Polariser Position

By listening to feedback from pro landscape photographers Nisi have made subtle but valuable refinements to their system. Take the re-positioning of the circular polariser for example, which traditionally sits flush with the 82mm adaptor. A new slightly raised position makes the C-PL easier to remove.

82mm Adapter Ring Included

The adapter ring included with the holder, fits onto lenses with a standard 82mm filter thread. The system also comes with filter adaptors for lenses with a 67, 72 and 77mm size filter thread. Other adapter rings are available to suit lenses with other thread sizes.

Aluminium Build with Matte Black Finish

Created from high quality aviation-grade aluminium, the holder is lightweight and extremely durable. Its custom CNC cut design provides a precise fit, while a matte black powder coat helps reduce reflections to ensure your image quality is unaffected.

New Lens Cap and Tripod Mountable Carry Pouch

The Nisi V 6 100mm Filter Kit has a new lens cap to protect the CPL filter. It attaches to the front of the main adaptor while on your lens. A tab on the side makes it easy to remove quickly while setting up your shot. Keeping filters and adaptors close at hand is easier than ever with the new soft pouch with a Velcro-style tripod attachment strap.


Aviation-grade Aluminium

Compatible Lenses

Any Lens with 82mm Standard Filter Thread

Compatible Filters

100mm x 100mm


100mm x 150mm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Nisi V6 Filter Holder
  • Enhanced Landscape CPL
  • 82mm Main Adaptor Ring
  • 77mm Adaptor Ring
  • 72mm Adaptor Ring
  • 67mm Adaptor Ring
  • V6 Lens Cap
  • V6 Soft Pouch


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