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The NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone® attaches filters to your iPhone® via NiSi's patented bayonet mount. The IP-A Filter holder is specifically designed for iPhones, and the locking screw attaches to the front of the phone, securing the filter holder. The registration hole is attached to the phone's back and aligns with the registration hole. Turn the locking screw clockwise to secure the IP-A holder.

The NiSi IP-A Filter Holder for iPhone® is compatible with NiSi IP-A circular filters and NiSi P2 square filter holder. Stack up to 3 circular NiSi IP-A filters (sold separately) to the filter holder with no vignetting using 0.5X camera mode while using two circular IP-A Filters. To install NiSi IP-A, circular filters align the circular filter bayonet to three installation positions. Ensure that the outer bayonet of the filter aligns with the IP-A holder slot and turn clockwise to tighten. If multiple filters need to be installed, align the three bayonets on the second round filter with the three holes on the filter clip slot fixed on the IP-A holder. Ensure that the outer bayonets of the filter are completely aligned with the round filter clip slot, then turn clockwise to tighten.

  • NiSi IP-A+P2 Landscape Kit for iPhone


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