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The NiSi Pro Nano IR ND64 + CPL filter is the ultimate all-in-one tool for long exposure landscape photographers. Combining the improved colour and contrast of a polariser with the flexibility of a neutral density filter eliminates the need for filter stacking. This helps reduce vignetting to maintain a high-quality image while allowing you to get truly creative when composing your ideal landscapes. Shoot with wide open apertures or slower shutter speeds to capture the feeling of motion and the passage of time all in one image, with soft motion blur effects on clouds or flowing water.

6-Stop ND Filter for Exposure Versatility

The solid ND64 filter creates uniform darkening of the entire image with a 6 Stop reduction in light. Take photos with wider apertures or slower shutter speeds even in bright, sunny conditions and create dreamy-looking motion blur on moving objects, like clouds or flowing water.

Integrated Polariser for Better Colour and Contrast

The integrated polariser enhances saturation and contrast by reducing reflections and glare from polarised light reflected from surfaces like the ground, water, or clouds. The effect of a CPL is particularly noticeable when shooting landscapes, turning the sky more blue and foliage more green.

High Quality Optics

The 2-in-1 filter is made from ultra-high definition SCHOTT optical glass that boasts excellent optical transmission for a truly neutral colour balance and incredible image sharpness. The toughened glass is also more robust, offering more resistance to little bumps and abrasion while in transport.

IR and Nano Coating

Each NiSi HUC Pro ND + CPL filter features an infrared protection coating that blocks IR light to help produce more natural colours. A nano-coating on the optical surface helps reduce light reflection and repels oil, grease, and water for fast and easy maintenance.

Ultra-Slim, Light Weight and Durable

The NiSi HUC PRO Nano IR ND64 + CPL Multifunctional Filter has an ultra-thin frame that helps prevent vignetting when shooting with wide angle lenses. Made from aluminium, the frame is strong and light with a superfine matte finish and knurled edges for an easy grip when installing.


SCHOTT Optical Glass

Filter Type

IR ND64 + CPL Multifunctional Filter

F-Stop Reduction

6 Stop

Filter Size


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  • NiSi HUC PRO Nano IR ND64 + CPL Multifunctional Filter – 77mm
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