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If you’re searching for a powerful on-camera lighting solution, take a look at the Nanguang RGB66 LED light. It’s a small, compact lighting option that’s perfect for both photo and video work. It functions like a normal bi-colour light, letting you adjust brightness and colour temperature. On top of that, you can also add some creative highlights by cycling through the colours on offer. It’s conveniently battery powered, compact, and lightweight, meaning you can take it just about anywhere.

Powerful On-Camera LED Light

The Nanguang RGB66 LED light gives you powerful lighting that fits right on your camera. A single button lets you cycle through hard, soft, or RGB lighting for quick, intuitive control. This adaptable light is ideal for a range of different photo or video applications. Use it for portraits, product photography, interviews, and more. You’ll find a surprising amount of uses for it.

Adjustable Brightness and Colour Temperature

This little RGB light functions as a typical bi-colour light, allowing you to adjust the colour temperature from 3200k to 5600k with an intuitive dial. Once you find the perfect look, use the separate dimmer dial to adjust the brightness as needed.

RGB Colour Options

On top of its already impressive performance as a constant light source, the RGB66 also lets you select from a range of colours. This gives you the freedom to add a bit of creative flare to portraits or product photography.

Multiple Lighting Modes

The Nanguang RGB-66 can also be used to achieve various lighting effects. Both Daylight and RGB Flash Modes have built-in or user-defined settings to control flash speed and frequency. RGB Cycle Mode moves through the light’s full colour spectrum. These modes let you customise your lighting and recreate a wide range of effects, from lightning strikes, to police lights, and more!

High 95+ Colour Rendering Index Rating

When using it in daylight/tungsten mode, the light has a Colour Rendering Index rating of 95+ meaning it’s able to reproduce colours very accurately. This is an excellent feature for both photo and video as it helps you capture more natural looking, true-to-life colours right away, cutting down your post-processing and editing work.

Versatile Power Options

In terms of keeping the light on, the RGB66 uses an included Sony NP-F style battery. These batteries offer great runtime and are conveniently available if you want to keep a spare or two on hand. Alternatively, pick up a power adapter (sold separately) and you can run the light on AC mains too.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Since the Nanguang RGB66 LED Video Light is designed to be an on-camera lighting option, it features a beautifully compact and lightweight design. Despite that, it’s also quite robust so you can use it confidently almost anywhere. Speaking of anywhere, this little light is so easy to transport, it’ll become a fixture in your gear bag. You’ll probably even wonder why you didn’t pick one up sooner!



Number of LEDs


Colour Temperature

Adjustable, 3200k – 5600k

Colour Rendering Index Rating


RGB Colour

Yes, Colour Wheel Selector


Adjustable, 0% – 100%

RGB Cycle Mode

12 seconds
4 seconds


RGB Flash Mode

0.25 seconds
1 seconds

Daylight/Tungsten Flash Mode

0.25 seconds
1 seconds


DC 7.2V – 15V

Battery Type

Sony NP-F Style

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Nanguang LED Panel
  • NP-F Style Battery
  • Battery Charger


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.