Adapt Full Frame Lenses to APS-C Cameras

The Mitakon Zhong Yi Turbo Lens Adapter allows Nikon AI to be utilised on Sony NEX E-mount or Fuji X-mount cameras. This enables a full frame lens to be utilised (in manual focus only) on an APS-C camera without any crop factor. Experience full frame coverage and depth of field with your APS-C camera.

Full Frame Coverage on an APS-C Sensor

With a focal length multiplier of 0.726x and the ability to increase the maximum aperture of a lens by 1 f-stop, the lens becomes more effective in low-light situations.

Excellent Optical Quality

An improved design with a closer rear element to sensor distance improves light transmission. Superior lens coatings minimise ghosting and flare, and an included low dispersion (ED) lens element ensures unwanted aberrations are kept to a minimum.

Robust Construction

Tight tolerances and a robust metal construction with stainless steel mounts ensures that the adapter and lenses securely attach to your camera with minimal play.

The Mitakon Turbo Lens Adapter can be bought in different lens mount and camera mount options for compatibility:

  • Nikon AI to Sony NEX E-Mount
  • Canon EOS to Sony NEX E-Mount
  • Canon EOS to Fuji X-Mount

This lens turbo adaptor may not fit all lenses due to different extensions at the lens rear mount. Lenses with extension more than 3mm are not recommended to use this lens turbo adaptor.

Crop Factor 0.726x
Optical Construction 4 Elements in 4 Groups including 1 ED Element
Length 0.3 cm
Weight 0.141 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Mitakon Zhongyi Turbo Lens Adapter
  • Front and Rear Caps


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.