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10-Stop Light Reduction

The 55mm Hoya ProND1000 Filter provides a massive 10-stop reduction in the amount of light entering the lens. Its extremely dark characteristics deliver a light reduction factor of 1000x.

Improved Exposure Versatility

Less light reaching the image sensor allows you to shoot with a longer exposure or a wider aperture in broad daylight conditions. Improved shutter speed and aperture versatility allows you to create dramatic effects such as motion blur, and extremely shallow the depth of field effects in bright conditions. An essential accessory for shooting a waterfall under bright light, to achieve the smooth milky effect of cascading water.

Clear Optical Glass

High quality clear glass ensures excellent optical transmission with a truly neutral colour balance. The filter is also resistant to flare and ghosting, even when shooting with the sun in the frame

Metallic ACCU-ND Coating

A metallic ACCU-ND coating on both sides of the filter creates a neutral colour balance and colour consistency. Using the Hoya ProND1000 eliminates the need for frequently changing white balance due to variations in lighting, or for creative effect.

Robust Construction

Designed to be stacked with other filters, the Hoya Pro ND1000 55mm is set in a single-piece aluminium ring adding to its durability and rigidity while preventing filter jamming.
Type Neutral Density
Light Reduction Stops 10
Optical Density 3.0
Construction Clear Optical Glass with metallic ACCU-ND coating housed in aluminium ring
Filter Size 55mm
Front Filter Thread Size 55mm
Front Lens Cap Thread Size 55mm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
Hoya Pro Neutral Density 1000 Filter - PROND1000 - 55mm


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