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With the Hoya 72mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter you can create artistic blurring shots of motion on water, cars, people or almost anything that moves. The creative possibilities are endless. The Hoya Variable Neutral Density filter uses two polarizing layers to control the amount of light that passes through to the lens delivering from 1.5 stops up to 9 stops of light reduction. Moreover, it’s possible to shoot with fast lenses with aperture wide open, in full sun, for a very shallow depth of field. Not only that, you can slow down the shutter speed to several seconds in full sunlight – all without changing filters! The filter uses only high-quality optical glass from the Hoya Corporation, the world’s largest optical glass manufacturer.

NOTE: For best results, use a tripod when photographing with slow shutter speeds.
When close to min/max settings a cross-like pattern will appear. This is normal, please adjust filter until pattern disappears.


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