The Feiyu V2S provides the latest in gimbal technology designed to get wonderfully smooth handheld shots from your smartphone. All within an ergonomically engineered package with a streamlined shape for comfortable use.

Extendable Stick

The extendable stick provides the option to easily set the gimbal up to be used as a selfie stick, to shoot a group photo or to change your perspective. At 18cm long the extension pole easily creates enough distance for a unique viewpoint.


The Feiyu Vimble V2S can be used with your smartphone's built in camera or for more control you can pair the VS2 with the Feiyu App for iOS or Android. The Feiyu ON App allows camera control and more functionality than the standard built in camera app. Utilising Bluetooth pairing the, Feiyu ON App can track faces or objects with intelligent following, ensuring perfect focus. You are also able to switch between the front and rear camera in the Feiyu ON App by clicking the shutter button on the V2S three times. Other built in options include Hitchock Zoom, panorama shooting, fast editing, time lapse photo and motion time lapse photo modes. The Vimble has the ultimate POV mode utilising the extendable pole, enabling excellent framing even while you are walking around. highly customisable to suit your personal operation requirements. A 1/4" thread on the base of the unit extends use by allowing attachments to camera platforms such as tripods and monopods.

Solid Construction & Protection

The overall construction of the Feiyu Vimble V2S uses high strength materials which have been used in a way to ensure that the unit is both strong and lightweight. A motor lock design applies a lock on the rolling axis and the tilting axis; so that when it is being carried around in between use, it is secure. Combined with the included EPP Foam Protection Box, which is shake and heat resistant, you can be sure that the unit is also secure in transit. The newly created smartphone mount design means quick switching between horizontal and vertical shooting modes, so more control for live streaming, vlogging and selfies.

Long Lasting Battery

The battery that is built into the handle works for up to 10 hours of use time and can be charged while in use with a micro-USB power-bank (not included). The unit also offers reverse charging, with the ability to charge your smartphone from the built-in battery. Charging your phone and gimbal can occur simultaneously in essence allowing indefinite use time. Perfect for the videographer in the field covering an event.

Self-adaption control algorithm

An algorithm in the unit reduces the requirement for smartphone balancing when mounting your phone, in conjunction with the sliding arm you get quick adjustment and balancing when setting up. A gradual shutdown when powering the unit off protects your smartphone from damage.

High Compatibility

This unit is compatible with a wide range of devices with widths ranging from 57-84mm. The Feiyu V2S is compatible with phones such as the iPhone 11, iPhone X,iPhone XR,iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max, iPhone8, iPhone7Plus, iPhone 6s, HUAWEI P30/Nova 4/ Vivo X23, OPPO R9S etc, many Android Smartphone. Please check the width of your phone to ensure it is between 57 and 84mm. See the specifications for more information on phone compatibility.

Battery type

7.4 V, 1300MAH, 9.62 Wh, Built-in Rechargeable Battery. Battery could be charged by power bank with a USB cable when using it.

Theoretical battery time

12h(tested with well-balanced status before powering on, and do not charge smart phone while working)

Charging battery

= 2h,recommending using 5V/2A adapter for charging battery (quick charger is banned from charging). The indicator is red while charging. When the battery is fully charged, it turns to green.

Charging smartphone

Output voltage: DC 5V;MAX Electric Current Output: 600 mA (could charge smart phone for approx. 2 hours while it is shooting)
For instance: When the power of iPhone 6 Plus is out, the batter of Vimble 2 is full, iPhone could be charged to 60%

  1. While charging smart phone, please use the available charging cable with either micro USB port, or Type C port, or Lightning port.

?Please take off the shell so that the SUB cable could fully contact smart phone while charging.


PC, PA6 and other materials which are of high-strength, doing best in temperatures within -45 to 135 degrees Celsius.


Midnight black

Controllable range

Tilting range:320° (with motor lock)
Rolling range:320° (with motor lock, can rotate 360°under All follow mode)
Panning range:320° (with limited)


428g (include built-in battery, NOT include phone)

Splash-proof Grade


Balance before power on

Vimble 2S has tilt&roll axis motor lock(as image shows) please unlock them before mounting smartphone.
Landscape mode: Balance mobile phones weighed differently by moving cross arm left to right.
Portrait mode: Rotating the quick-release adapter vertically and putting in smartphone, Simply Balance with sliding the smartphone up and down.

Power ON/OFF

Power ON/OFF: Long-press the function button until the green light is on with a beep then release it. (Apporx. 2~3 s)

Switch between Portrait/ landscape

Option 1:When in landscape mode, pull smart phone outward about 10 mm then rotate the quick-release adapter 90 degrees so that it could change to portrait mode, as shown below.
Option 2:Operating with function button and trigger button (Only when tilt axis motor is placed on the right side)
Steps: Hold the gimbal horizontally, long press and hold the trigger button then single tap the function button. Reset: Double click trigger button to exit portrait mode.

Extendable rod

The extendable handle could be extended and retractable for selfie no matter whether Vimble 2 is on or off. Its max length is 183mm.

Working mode & Button operation

Function button operations:

  1. Single tap: Switching between pan mode (Default mode) and lock mode.
  2. Double tap: Pan and tilt mode (follow mode), Entering Feiyu ON APP can customize this operation.
  3. Triple tap: All follow mode (3-axis follow mode), Entering Feiyu ON APP can customize this operation.
  4. Quintuple tap: Initialising the gimbal in order to get correct attitude parameters when it is not level or in abnormal status.
    Instruction: The LED is in solid blue after quintuple tapping function button. The gimbal automatically detectswhether or not it is placed on a static flat surface. Initialization will be done automatically (LED flashes blue three times to indicate initialization is done) once the gimbal has detected that it is placed on a static flat surface. Otherwise, the gimbal is keeping detect and wait. When initialization is done successfully, single tap function button to wake up the gimbal.
  5. Long press: Power ON/OFF

Bluetooth shutter button:
Option 1: Control original camera/ beauty cam APP to take picture /record video (connect smartphone to on Feiyu ON APP by Bluetooth).
Option 2: Control Feiyu ON APP

  1. Single tap: Control photo/video recording (under its current mode).
  2. Double tap: switch between photo /video recording.
  3. Triple tap: switch camera front and rear camera.
  4. Long press: start video recording in photo mode.

Focus Button: When successfully connects with Feiyu ON APP, push focus button up (W direction) to zoom in at a constant speed; push focus button down (T direction) to zoom out at a constant speed.
Trigger button:

  1. Long press and hold: Enter lock mode. Release it to go back to the previous mode.

Double tap: Reset the gimbal, it will go back to panning mode no matter what current mode is, and three axis are reset to default position.

Operational Function For Users

  • Control smartphone movement, switch working modes, meet various shooting requirement.
  • Controlling photo-taking or video recording (Original camera/ Feiyu ON APP).
  • To get Ultra-wide-angle panorama shooting and portrait live streaming by switch between portrait and landscape mode.
  • Initialize the gimbal when it is not level or in abnormal status for correct attitude parameters.

Connecting Feiyu ON APP for face/ object tracking, Hitchcock dolly zooming,Motion-timelapse setting, Overlapping image,light-tracking,9 palace block box shooting/ultra-wide angle panorama setting, beautysetting, video and filter editing, power displaying, virtual remote control, firmware upgrade, setting parameters, change working modes, and other functions.

Extended port

1/4-inch screw hole at the bottom of handle to mount Tripod or other accessories.

Standard accessories

Micro USB cable*1(charging cable for gimbal) ,phone charging cable*3(Micro-Micro, Micro-Type C, Micro-Lightning) ,anti-lost rope*1,MT mini tripod*1, EPP carrying bag*1

Optional accessories

Extendable rod (with 1/4inch screw hole), universal tripod with 1/4 screw hole, handle with power supply.

1. Large-size smartphone such as iPhone 11Pro Max 226g, HUAWEI MATE20X 232g which is beyond max payload, is unavailable to balancing. Smartphone with width over 85mm can not be attached on quick-release adapter such as HUAWEI Honor NOTE10.

2. While using smartphone such as iPhone 11Pro airphone11, HUAWEI P30 and take video with wide-angle lenses, the roll axis will be captured in footage, we suggest you use normal lens.

3. Vimble 2S is not directly compatible with action cameras. If you want to mount action camera on, try to find third party mounting plate to put it on. As the picture shown

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Feiyu Vimble 2S Axis Handheld Extendable Gimbal for Smartphones - Black

Manufacturer Warranty

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12month Australian warranty

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