8kg Maximum Payload

The ATF V-3 Ball Head is made from hard-wearing aluminium. It is rated at a maximum 8kg top-down payload making it suitable for everything from mirrorless cameras and camcorders to professional full-frame DSLRs and telephoto lens combinations.

Horizontal & Vertical Bubble Levels

It features an ARCA standard quick release plate, three knurled adjustment knobs controlling pan, tilt and tension, plus dual bubble levels for the horizontal and vertical axis ensure your shots are straight and true.

Fast, Easy Adjustment

Two independent control knobs make it easy to adjust the positioning of your camera. One knob is used to fine-tune the ball head tension, enabling you to tweak the level of dampening according to the weight of your rig and your personal preference. The other knob then locks down the ball to hold it securely in position.

Independent Pan Axis Control

A third knob controls the pan axis, allowing you to smoothly adjust your composition horizontally. A guide printed in a fetching anodised yellow at the base of the ball head indicates your amount of rotation. Perfect for panoramas and technical photo requirements, the scale is broken down in 5-degree sections, ensuring consistent overlapping sections for seamless panoramas.

Designed for Portrait or Landscape Orientation

A notch in the ball head design enables you to position the camera in portrait mode, adding the ability for you to shoot in a vertical orientation if required.

ARCA Quick Release Plate

The standard ARCA plate features four rubber pads on its base for maximum grip while eliminating damage to the base of your gear. A standard 1/4” thread ensures compatibility with virtually all cameras, while a d-ring under the plate makes securing the camera to the plate possible without the need for tools.

3/8” Base Thread

The base of the After The Fact V3 Ball Head features a standard 3/8” thread, allowing you to attach it to most standard tripod legs, plus other studio equipment such as light stands.

Base Mount

3/8"-16 Thread

Camera Mounting Screw

1/4"-20 Male

Quick Release Plate Type


Load Capacity

8 kg

Number of Bubble Levels


Friction Control


Independent Pan Lock


* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • After The Fact V3 Ball Head
  • ARCA Quick Release Plate


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