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The ATF UV and Circular Polarising Filter Bundle suits both beginner and serious photographers. It represents a cost effective solution to protect your lenses and improve your photography results across a range of shooting scenarios. Both filters include a protective case for easy storage and transportation. Buy the bundle and save!

ATF Slim UV Filter

The ATF UV Slim Filter absorbs ultraviolet light rays leading to cleaner images with minimised haze as well as added protection for your expensive camera lenses.

Screw Thread
Available in a range of thread sizes for different individual lenses the Ultra Violet filter can be attached by simply screwing it into the thread at the front of the camera lens.

Refined Protection
Using the filter protects the front element of a camera lens from dust, moisture and even scratches, making it an essential addition to any photography kit.

Easily Cleanable
By protecting your lens with a UV filter it ultimately makes your lenses easier to clean, preventing dust and dirt from ever touching your front element.

Durable Construction
Built to protect without being cumbersome and bulky the UV filter offers a lightweight construction using durable aluminium alloy in a slim design so you can shoot confidently without added weight.

Includes Carry Case
The included carry case offers additional convenience and peace of mind, protecting the filter when not in use.

Quality Optics
The After The Fact UV Slim Filter utilises Japanese quality optics to ensure that there is no degradation of image quality or camera performance.

ATF Circular Polariser Filter

The After the Fact Circular Polarisation Filter uses a cross polarisation design to reduce reflections from glass and water surfaces to deliver improved image clarity so you can capture more vibrant, colourful shots. CP filters are ideal for landscape photographers to darken bright skies and bring out the greens in grass and trees improving the overall look of your composition.

Capture more Vibrant Imagery
Circular polarisation filters block light reflecting off non-metallic surfaces and can dramatically improve the colour saturation and vibrancy of your images. Perfect for when you are shooting through glass windows because they reduce reflections, leaving you with a cleaner result.

Range of Thread Sizes Available
The ATF CP Filters are available in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of different lenses. This allows you to easily add polarisation to both your stills and video footage.

Lens Protection
Because the filter attaches to the front of your lens by screwing into the filter thread it protects the front element from dust, scratches, and safeguarding your gear from other types of damage.

Easy to Clean
The polariser can be easily cleaned by wiping gently with a microfibre cloth and because it attaches to the front of your camera it ensures that the lens itself is also easy to clean.

Lightweight and Durable
With a lightweight aluminium alloy frame, the CP filter won’t weigh you down with extra bulk but can enable you to capture a range of different scenes from landscapes to portraits with enhanced colour and detail.

Included Carry Case
The filter comes with a carry case that you can store the filter in for peace of mind when not in use.

Quality Optics
The After The Fact Circular Polariser Filter utilises quality optics that ensures there is no degradation of image quality to maintain your camera performance.
  • ATF UV Filter
  • ATF Circular Polariser Filter
  • 2x Carry Case
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