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The Tether Tools TetherPro USB 3.0 to USB-C is a 4.6 metre cable that allows you to connect your camera to a computer with a USB-A port for high-speed tethered shooting. Because of the fast transfer speeds made possible with the USB 3.0 interface, the cable is perfect for high resolution and medium format cameras.

Compatible with Modern Cameras

Most modern cameras are equipped with high-speed USB-C ports that allow for ultra-fast image transfer, even with the large file sizes created by today’s ultra-high-resolution image sensors.

Robust Construction

Ideal for studio use, the Tether Tools Tether Pro USB-C cable is 4.6 metres long with USB-C plugs on one end and a USB-A plug on the other. The cable has reinforced shielding that ensures it is a reliable addition to your kit. The nickel-plated tips improve connectivity and the gold-plated pins help enhance conductivity while reducing the risk of corrosion.

NOTE: Cable designed for data transfer not charging.

Data Cable:

Do not use for charging




High-visibility Orange

USB Speed

USB 3.0

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

One (1) Tether Pro USB3.0 to USB-C Cable


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