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The Sirui HA-77 is a 2-section telescoping boom arm that can be attached to your tripod, giving you the option to mount your camera horizontally outside the centre of the tripod. It provides up to 77cm of extension with a measured scale that lets you easily adjust its length. It can support up to 5kg of gear, perfect when shooting top-down macro images. Featuring a swivel head that offers 360° rotation and 90° tilt, the arm can be locked in place or used as a mini video jib to capture steady, sweeping arcs when filming. A removable handle with ballast hook make it easy to balance your camera and keep it securely in position.

Miniature Telescoping Boom Arm

The Sirui HA-77 Boom Arm has a 2-section telescopic design that extends from 50cm to 77cm, letting you position your camera horizontally and outside the centre of your tripod. This is extremely beneficial for food and macro photography where a tripod alone may not allow you to get close enough to smaller subjects. The grooved boom arm prevents twisting, ensuring your camera is kept steady when you’re ready to hit the shutter.

Supports Cameras Weighing up to 5kg

Able to support up to 5kg, the arm has a flat plate with a reversible 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch mount to accommodate several different types of tripod heads or cameras. This impressive payload even leaves room for mounting different accessories, like macro lights, on your camera without worry.

Locking Tilt and Swivel Movement

The integrated swivel head has a 3/8-inch thread on its base that’s compatible with most tripods. Alone, the head offers independent 360° rotation while the fulcrum connecting the arm and head provides 90° tilt. Each movement can be locked individually using the large levers, allowing you to easily adjust angles and position your camera securely over top of subjects.

Functional Mini-Video Jib

While the HA-77 is excellent for still images, it can also be used as a mini video jib thanks to the swivel head and fulcrum. By unlocking the two, you can capture sweeping pan and arc movements, ideal for adding a more dynamic feel to your videos with the benefit of adjustment and stability.

Angle and Length Scale Markings

Each section of the boom arm features a length scale with 0.5cm increments making it easy to reposition your camera in the same place, ideal for repeating shots. Similarly, the fulcrum also has a scale with increments in 10° designed to help you find and lock in the perfect angle.

Hand Grip with Counterbalance Hook

Included with the Sirui Horizontal Arm is a removable foam handle that offers a comfortable gripping point for adjustments or for use during video applications. On the base of the handle is a ballast hook, allowing you to attach counterbalance weights to improve camera stability and movement.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Made from high-quality aluminium, the boom arm is lightweight and durable, weighing just 1.2kg and able to withstand daily use. Set-up is easy and, with a hex key built into the ballast hook, adjustments can be made on the fly so you can get back to work quickly.

Transport Friendly Carrying Case

Compact and travel friendly, the Sirui HA77 Arm folds down and packs away into the conveniently included carrying case for easy storage and transport. With its broad range of versatile applications, it’s a definite must have for macro photographers.

Load Capacity

5 kg

Boom Arm Length

50 cm to 77 cm

Horizontal Movement

30.5 cm

Swivel Head


Swivel Head Connection Type

3/8-inch thread



Tilt (fulcrum)

+/- 90°

Mounting Plate Connection Type

Reversible 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch mount


Aluminium alloy

Tube Diameter

24-28 mm

Dimensions - Folded

37.1 x 13.5 cm


1.2 kg

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice
  • Sirui HA-77 Horizontal Arm
  • Carry Bag


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