Quick Access to Items You Need on Hand

The TetherTools StrapMoore is an adjustable strap tool for attaching objects to the legs of a tripod, table, pole or other beam for quick and easy access during photography shoots.

Adjustable Straps

Both the leg securing straps and the object fastening strap are adjustable to accommodate all types of objects and mounting poles. The leg straps work with any pole or beam from 0.36cm to 7.62cm in diameter, and the object strap with any items from 0.36cm to 8.9cm in diameter.

Heavy Duty Non-slip Hold

The Tether Tools Strap Moore features heavy duty Gripper Elastic straps with a special lining on the interior of the straps that provides a secure, non-slip hold for both the tripod or pole legs and the affixed object. The straps can support objects weighing up to 900g.
TetherTools StrapMoore


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