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Shoot Macro-Style Photography

Looking to extend the versatility of your existing lenses without breaking the bank? Consider the Nisi Close Up Lens Kit. Designed to work with focal lengths between 70-300mm (full frame equivalent), the lens adapter is the easiest way to achieve a closer minimal focal distance for macro-style photography without having to buy a dedicated macro lens.

Achieve Near 1:1 Magnification

The magnification you can achieve will vary depending on the focal range of the length used, but as a guide, you can shoot with a near 1:1 ratio at approximately 200mm.

Works with 70-300mm Lenses

Focusing distances will also vary from lens to lens based on their focal length and lens design, but generally speaking you will be able to achieve a working distance of between 22cm and 30cm from most lenses within the 70-300mm focal range.

Close Down Aperture for Max Sharpness

Due to the extremely shallow depth of field achieved when using the close-up lens, it is recommended that you set an aperture between f/8 and f/16 to achieve the sharpest details.

Multi-Nano Anti-Reflective Coating

Leveraging Nisi’s expertise in optical technology, the Close-Up adapter utilises an apochromatic design that features two corrective glass elements. For enhanced image quality the elements are finished with a multi-nano anti-reflective coating that enhances colour and contrast while reducing fringing and chromatic aberration. Check out the sample images in the gallery!

Includes 67 and 72mm Adapter Rings

Its native 77mm diameter size suits many telephoto zoom and prime lenses, allowing you to simply screw the lens directly onto a compatible lens. The kit also includes a 67-77mm adapter ring and a 72-77mm adapter ring to ensure suitability across a broad range of telephoto prime and zoom lenses.

Filter Type
Diopter Strength
Filter Factor
1x (0-Stop)
Circular Size
77 mm Filter Thread
72 mm via Included Adapter Ring
67 mm via Included Adapter Ring
Filter Material

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Nisi Close Up Lens
  • 67-77mm Adapter Ring
  • 72-77mm Adapter Ring
  • Protective Lens Pouch


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